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Heading into my third month with my Marvels and I’m still in love. I’ve made a few changes using Target, mostly around convenience related stuff - setting the TV Connector to auto-connect as an example. I’m curious though, I have my first virtual tune-up scheduled next month and I’m wondering how Phonak’s remote support process will handle the mismatch in programming between what the clinic’s instance of Target says are in my devices and what’s actually in my devices.

I’m not too fussed as it’s easy to remake all my changes and I haven’t made my self-programming a secret. Anyone know if Phonak has accounted for this potential issue?

Will the remote support be by the office you bought your aids from?

Yes, it will be. Happily they’re re-opening next week so my June appointment should stand.

Looks like you will find out how your fitter feels about you self programming. From reading this forum that can be all over the map.
Let us know how that goes.

Thanks @Raudrive.

Thankfully I don’t have to worry as that kitty left that particular bag during my initial fitting. The audi was surprisingly supportive. That said, I’m still curious if anyone has run into the mismatch issue I’ve posited.

What is Target? Oops have to have at least 20 digits in Post

Target is Phonak’s Hearing Aid Fitting Software.

On second thought I believe the MyPhonak App is smarter than I thought. I think it will read your hearing aids and I think it will get a settings mismatch;

Is the word Target the same as when your Audi is hooked up to your aids electronically so that she knows exactly how you have used your aids since the last time you saw her?

. I experienced that with a Signia brand that I was trying out and I was shocked.

When we talk about “Phonak Target “ we are talking about the software Phonak uses to program the Quest, Venture, Belong and Marvel generation aids.

The term target when generally talking about hearing aid programming is the target gain the aids are trying to achieve based on the hearing aid prescription for a persons hearing loss.

In the DIY forum we push members to search and self learn as much as possible. You should have done some reading and figured this Target question out on your own.

Good luck.

Sorry I asked. What an aid does or can do is very overloading.:exploding_head:

You can ask here for a copy of the target software, you can then see for yourself how easy it is to work with, there’s plenty of people on the forum that can help you with programming your own HAs

Thanks @pvc, it’s a pleasure to make your cyber-acquaintance.

That’s exactly the answer I was hoping for. I would like for the tech to be able to start their adjustments from the state I left the aids in.

But I think the result will be the opposite of the Audi using your settings. Here’s why;

Assuming MyPhonak App can read your settings the Audi should get the mismatch Hearing Aid Settings don’t Match the Audi’s database setting. And the next question from Phonak Target; Which settings do you want to use? The audi will not be aware about the details of which settings were changed. Therefore your Audi will naturally Trust his/her last settings, and also naturally, distrust your settings. Maybe it even goes beyond trust to include liability? It’s a fuzzy/not straight forward situation.

So the path of least resistance is to let them know up front about your changes. Maybe some of your changes (likeTV auto connect) type changes can be added by your Audi.

If you made any Firmware updates I think those will be separate, not part of the settings your Audi will be installing. btw> Firmware updated updates cannot be performed remotely. There is a firmware named “2.0” that gives you the fancy bass/treble settings and the ability to connect to more than one Bluetooth device. “2.0” is not the actual firmware number it’s just a nickname for those features.

You said before it will be easy to remake your changes. Also don’t be shy to ask for some of your changes to be included.

Thank you again, @pvc.

My devices came with version 2.0 firmware from Phonak so I’m in good shape there. I’ve also been very open about my self-programming aspirations, so any changes detected won’t be a surprise. But you do raise a good point - it is a good idea to let the hearing office know of the changes I’ve made beforehand so they can be comfortable with them. Perhaps I’ll export my updated fitting and email it to them.

I am determined to make my hearing remediation a cooperative venture between me and the professionals at the audi’s office. We’ll spend some time gaining each other’s trust, but we’ve both expressed an interest in being partners in this journey.

I’ve been wearing hearing aids since my mid 40’s and I’ve gone through a plethora of emotions around them. My biggest resentment, aside from losing the beauty of music, has always been the time commitment required for even the smallest of adjustments. Thanks to your posts specifically, and the Google machine, I’ve been able to remove that frustration.

So, as safe as it is to say that hearing aids have changed my life for the better, it’s also safe to say that your posts have done the same.

I don’t know if you hear it enough, but you have my sincerest thanks @pvc.

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I wasn’t going to respond to you but I must. I am sorry for your snarky answer to me. I went into the history on my iPad and I have dozens and dozens and dozens of searches on the Hearingtracker forum. I have read almost every single post.

I am a newbie on here. Maybe two months. I have learned a lot from all of the searching and helps. Are you a moderator on here? Have you been on here a long time? Are you a misogynist? Do you know what a corban is? Can you read Hebrew or Greek?

There are a lot of people on here who are musicians or have been in the sound industry and have degrees in same. They know a lot of the jargon and terminology’s. When I put my ice skates on for the first time I was not expected to do a triple axle.

Do not throw your weight around. Some day there will be someone on here smarter than you are.

I am terribly sorry to have offended you. Your question was answered with detail that hopefully helped you.
In the self programming forum most members have a strong desire to learn, usually self taught.
No issues with women and I don’t know Greek or Hebrew. Not a musician either but that also is off topic for this thread.
Just trying to help and share some things I have learned and have been helped with through the years.
Good luck

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