Phonak Marvel Remote Control App

Hello !
I have a pair of Phonak Audeo 90R. Connection to my Iphone 8 via Bluetooth. No issues with sound quality etc… but am hoping someone can help on this…
Issue with Program Selection not staying with the program I select but rather going back to Auto Sense. This happens when I choose a program (TV for example) and if I use another App on the Iphone, the program hoes back to Autosense. Tech support first told me to turn off the background app refresh. No help… Problem is the same whether the Background App refresh is On or Off…
Suggestions ?

This sounds like a problem I had with the my Phonak app when I was trying them out. They are a great hearing aid but I found their app to a little temperamental at times. I found it has a tendency to always go back to the default or primary program Auto Sense when it is closed out and restated or for any reason or losses connection with the phone and hearing aids for any reason. When I was using them it didn’t affect the streaming at all. This brings me to a question is this a custom program that you made or one that the audiologists made? Depending on that answer is my second suggestion. If it is a custom have the audiologists add it to Auto Sense. The cool thing about Auto Sense is it learns over time how you use your hearing aids and where you use your hearing aids the most so the audiologists can better program the hearing aids to meet your needs as it automatically changes programs. If it is a program that the audiologists made then ask them if they could put in the default setting iand explain what is happening. There is a great video on YouTube that explains the app and some of it shortcomings. I hope this helps you. Good luck with the Marvels.

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I had that problem. The MyPhonak app has a few default programs including AutoSense. In addition, you are able to make custom programs. However, the setting will go back to AutoSense as soon as you exit the app or under other conditions.

To maintain the custom setting and avoid the app switching back to AutoSense, you need to ask your Audi to make it a default program. That means replacing one of the other default programs other than AutoSense. The default programs will remain selected after you exit the app.

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