Phonak Marvel... Recurring Blown RIC's

just a wee enquiry folks… I got a set of Phonak Marvel 90 13’s approximately 14 months back, custom ear moulds with UP receivers, they are brilliant aids and the best I have ever had! Now about 4 months ago or so one of the receivers was blown in my right ear, my better ear, so I went to see my audiologist, she checked it and sure enough it was gone so she ordered another one to be made up on the 3D printer, about a fortnight later the new RIC came back and away I went, now I asked the Audi if this was a common occurrence and she said no, she had never heard of this happening before… Fast forward four months and the left one blows, now I’m thinking its either a bad batch or I’m needing way too much power and that is taking its toll on the receivers? Any of you Dispensers or Audi’s on here could you give your opinion please or indeed any end users who have encountered a similar problem? Thank you, cheers Kev.

I have not read much about the UP receivers. Can not say anything good or bad about them.
I use the P receivers with good results. Looking at your audiogram the P receivers might perform for you as well as the UP receivers.

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According to Phonak’s own website the UP receivers aren’t sufficient for your right ear. They only go to 100dBHL. The P or even the M would be fine for your left though.

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Thank you Raudrive, I am unsure as to what actual receiver is in that custom mould… I just assumed it would be a UP… I will have a look at the coding stamped on the mould? Cheers Kev

Yeah Phobos, apologies my mistake and after looking at the blown receiver it would appear that I am using a 4P receiver in that custom mould according to the stamped code on the side of the mould. On my other set of receivers with Power Domes, these are 3P… Cheers Kev

@kevels55 the number just represents the wire length, the letter represents the receiver output strength.

Unfortunately the cShell is available with all receiver strengths so having one is not indicative of the strength. The UP receiver is the one receiver that’s ONLY available in a cShell, however. If you just have P receivers then that’s probably underpowered for you.

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Correction Phobos… on closer examination as the writing is tiny it has “CSHELL 4 UP”? Cheers Kev

By the book neither receiver has enough gain for his left ear. But he has stated he is hearing better than ever with these aids.
Looking at each frequency of his audiogram the P or the Up are basically the same with his loss. Either will do pretty much the same for his hearing. If reliability is an issue with the UP receivers it might be worth trying the P receivers.

The Naida Marvel aids might be a better aid for his loss.


Another option, especially for his left ear would be to use Sound Recover 2 and take those profound upper frequencies and drop them down into his better hearing lower frequencies with less gain. This would eliminate the UP/P receiver issue completely.
Just a thought.

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Yeah Raudrive, the plan is to go for the Nadia Marvel next year… In truth my left ear gets very little contextual information, even with a much more powerful aid in that ear, at the moment I am using a single Marvel in my right and a Nadia V90 UP in my left until my cShell comes back… Although as stated I do not get much by way of contextual information, I will notice a change to my hearing if the left is not aided… For instance last week, I thought my hearing or what little residual hearing I have left was definitely on the slide, my wife kept asking if I had my aids switched on, now my hearing fluctuates, sometimes badly and this I believe is due to severe tinnitus? As it turned out, it was my RIC on my left that was blown, twas subtle enough for me to notice a slight change in my overall hearing, but not enough to alert me the RIC was blown and if it had been my right ear, I would notice immediately it was down, such is my reliance on that ear… My left aid helps, but only just! Cheers Kev

Receivers go bad a lot, on all brands.
I replace one every day and have a large supply on hand.

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Thank u for that information John… I am much obliged :wink: