Phonak Marvel Questions


Please answer any question you want!! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

What are Phonak ‘mini-chargers’??
How/where does one get them??
Are they useful for traveling??
(I saw them mentioned on this forum and can not again find where.)

On Phonak’s website, several models mention 312 or 313 zinc-air batteries. Are these rechargeable zinc-air batteries?? Any good?? Did they OEM that ZPower company whose batteries people have had problems with?? (similar to Oticon OEMing this)

On Phonak’s site the rechargeable hearing aid with telecoil is announced for August 2019. Is this for real?? Last November they were saying February 2019??

I have to have telecoil for work phone…would their Bluetooth work properly with other Bluetooth phones??? (e.g. Mitel VOIP phones)



I can help with a couple of your questions. I don’t have any experience with telecoils so can’t help in regard to the compatibility of the upcoming Marvels with telecoils but the current Marvels are supposed to work with any recent Bluetooth phone. Regarding the “Mini Charger” when I purchased my Marvel M90R aids, my audiologist included two Omni Chargers (the larger charger); one Clamshell (or Mini) charger; and the battery driven base which attaches to the Omnicharger to provide up to seven days of charges without any need for electricity. The Clamshell or Mini Charger is smaller than the Omnicharger so could be better for traveling but in my case the Omnicharger is not a big deal to pack anyhow.
I am not an expert on the battery types but it is my understanding the 312 is the standard disposable and the 313 is a longer lasting (and I believe slightly larger) disposable. I don’t believe they are rechargeable because Phonak is using the lithium ion batteries for the rechargeable versions (M30/M70/M90). The Oticon aids are available with the Z Power rechargeable batteries but as you mention there were problems with them.



Correction: There is no size 313 battery. It’s size 13 and yes it’s longer lasting than the 312. Same diameter, but thicker.



Probably. Last November they were just saying a telecoil model would be released in February, not a rechargeable one, and indeed it was.

Note that the Marvel Bluetooth can only be paired to one device at a time. Depending on your work system, waiting for the telecoil model may provide a more seamless transition.

The Unitron version of the Marvel is out. I’ve barely had time to look at it yet, but their rechargeable is much larger than the Phonak Marvel which suggests to me they may have gone straight to telecoil option.



Okay, I can answer a question: Yes!!

I have a question for you, too: Why do you end each single sentence with double questionmarks??



@Dani Just a personal idiosyncrasy. :slight_smile:

@Neville Your reply sounds like you’re an audiologist. True?? I’ve seen some comments implying the Marvel is challenging to ‘fit’ to people, is this true??

@SaratogaLefty Phonak’s website itself says ‘zinc air’ next to the model number, that is why I’m asking. :slight_smile:




Zinc air batteries are not rechargeable. Z power uses a Zinc silver battery.



@MDB Ohhhhhhhhh…thank you. My bad, mis-reading it.

Are zinc air better than lithium ion??
I imagine one could use either kind, given that battery size is constant.



They’re different. Zinc air are disposable (not rechargeable) Depending on size and hearing aid, they will last several days to a week or so. Lithium ion are rechargeable. They’ll need to be recharged after about 16 hrs of use. They should last 3-4 years and will need to be replaced at factory. Better? Depends on what you want. Both have pluses and minuses.

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In what way? I have found them pretty easy to fit. It feels like they are ALL I am fitting lately, which makes me uncomfortable because I don’t love being narrowed down to one manufacturer. But people are loving them. I think that from a physical fit perspective there are some small changes that have been made that make them generally a more comfortable fit for a greater number of people as compared to Phonak’s previous devices. The domes are better, the wires are better, the buttons are better, the cutom tips are better. Previously, Phonak had been weaker on these things compared to other manufacturers. From a sound quality perspective patients are also loving them. I have found that fitting to prescriptive target has actually required a bit more tweaking than their previous line. They are better at providing high frequency gain (improved /s/ access) while simultaneously sounding less sharp than prior models. Note, however, that I am a heavy DSL fitter which is not necessarily uncommon in my area but atypical worldwide (DSL targets come out of a Canadian lab associated with the school that trains a good chunk of Canadian audiologists), so I can’t speak as easily to how true the NAL fitting is right off the mark. I also do not “ease” patients into full gain if I can avoid it–patients are of course individual, but if they can tolerate full prescribed gain from the get-go I’ll go straight there. So I cannot comment on how the user “experience” adjustment function works.

The app is lame. The wax filters are poor (well, not the filters themselves but the replacement mechanism). The multifunctional button on the rechargeable aids is confusing for some patients. I wish there were a remote available. There is wide variability on how the phone connectivity affects the battery, which has made setting expectations difficult. The loss of DECT phone compatibility sucks. Nothing is ever exactly what I want it to be. But on the whole, I feel like Marvel is going to sweep 2019 the way the Opn seemed to sweep a few years ago.

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There are 2 non-rechargeable batteries available with the Marvels (actually most hearing aids): 312 and 13. The 13’s are slightly thicker and last longer. The 13’s automatically (I believe) come with the telecoil and bluetooth. They have been available since February of this year. That’s what I have had since then and I am very happy with them.

Telecoil is also available with the rechargeable models. Some people prefer and are happy with the rechargeables, some (like me) prefer the replaceable batteries – it’s a personal choice. For me, the deal clincher is that you can easily buy the batteries (312 or 13) anywhere in the world in just about any convenience store, pharmacy or grocery store.