Phonak Marvel piano sound shortly after turned on

So I am currently using a demo Phonak marvel for the last month or so and just recently I am getting this ‘3 tone’ piano sound shortly after the aid is turned on and randomly (can’t pin point when this happens but it did happen earlier today when I was chatting to a friend and when I was listening to music on my headset)

I have been able to replicate it via doing the below:
I turn the hearing aid on and hear the typical Phonak intro song.
8-10 seconds later I will hear an electric piano-type tune of 3 keys which starts high, mid then to a low tone. I have never heard this before and only today has this happened.

I did some googling to see if it was a notification sound but it isn’t the Bluetooth link sound, battery low or a profile change sound. (Phonak Marvel hearing aids ringtones and alerts(pairing, low battery) - YouTube)

Am using iPhone if that makes any difference.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I wonder if these tones are a warning for Demo aids running out of time.

You might need to contact your fitter about this.

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Great observation! I have emailed my Audiologist :slight_smile:

Are you sure you’re not getting the notification sound that the aids are turning on. If you’re turning the aids on with the aids in your ears there’s like a two second delay than the piano sounding melody telling you the aids are now on

It’s happening after 8 to 10 seconds. Likely to be that the trial period is over as he’s wearing demo Aids.

Could it be that the hearing aids are changing from a streaming program or a sound notification from your phone back to the automatic program… I know that if I use the buttons on my Phonak Has to change the program back to automatic manually it will make that three tone sound

I’ve had trials for a month. There was never any trial period. It could be the myphonak app switching back to the priority program. When I stream I stream directly through my priority program. But I then go to myphonak to adjust the sound. When I’m done streaming I hold the button down on the aid and I get the priority notification. But 15 to 30 seconds later I get another priority notification which is the app switching back

It’s a long time since I had Phonaks, but when I had audeo smart spice hearing aids, I remember they used to play a little tune when switching to the automatic mode. I wonder if it’s something like that?

That’s what I was referring to but he says inky when he turns them on. If it’s a notification set up by the audi letting him know his trial period is ending I would be annoyed. If I want to be nagged I have a wife for that

Yes both the Marvel and Paradise Aids can be set for a maximum of a 6 week trial and then it beeps. The trial Aids can be set at any technology level and already have the Roger licenses on them.

The start up delay can be set for 6 or 12 seconds, the trial period beeps are really loud, there’s no reason why the OP couldn’t tell the difference between them.

Yeah but that’s the whole point I believe, they don’t want you running off with the trial HAs!but really its just a reminder, so they nag you ; )

The newer hearings aids can be deactivated by the audiologist remotely on his computer if he suspects someone may be taking off with the aids. I just recently had this discussion with my audiologist

Oh ok, so that’s interesting, I mean as long as the HAs were connected to the software or the App at the time, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible would it?

I’m confused by your question

I mean, for the audiologist to deactivate them remotely, the HAs would need to be “connected” in some way, As in, for deactivation to take place,its done over the internet or some other way?

Hey all,

Confirmed to be the trial period after further reading on here etc. It started to do the 3 tone sound every hour and now every minute :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t get into it that deeply. I just asked him if he ever got ripped off since he’s always been big on loaners and he said 3 times but now he can deactivate the aids from his office. Didn’t think it was right to ask how. But newer aids can now be adjusted remotely, so …

Yes but the provider has to be connected to the aids to be able to disable them. He can’t do it if they are just in someone’s ears. I would think it’s done via the app. The other way is to have them disable themselves automatically at a given date unless they get a stay-alive message via the app.

Like I said I didn’t ask and didn’t really care. I have no desire or intention to walk off with a pair of trial aids

Of course not! It’s just interesting, is all.