Phonak Marvel pairs to Bluetooth dongle but no sound, why?

I have the Sennheiser BTD800 USB dongle and I can pair it to the Marvel hearing aid, and see both dongle and aid in Win10 BT settings, but no sound comes into my aid.
Why?? What am I doing wrong??
All other BT devices are turned off (e.g. iPhone BT is off in Settings)
Thank you, Tom

Maybe you need to choose WIN10 audio output to BTD800, when my Oticon CC is connected to the computer’s bluetooth, I need to click the small speaker in the lower right corner of the desktop and select "ConnectClip 1.1 ", then the WIN10 audio will be transferred to my hearing aids.

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Everything is set to the BTD800 but still no sound coming into the aid, which Win10 says is now paired but not necessarily connected??