Phonak Marvel or ReSound LiNX Quattro

Like to have feedback on this question, like consider only the pure sound quality of the HA’s without taking the accessoires, connection to phones, bluetooth discussion into account.

I see a lot of discussions on this subject, and it always moves to the connection with accessoires and possibilities of the apps. This is interesting, though like to make a starting point considering the HA’s quality based on:
-quality of speech in calm environment
-Quality in noisy environments
-Quality listning music, theater , cinema, without telecoil and accessoires
-sensing and adjust to environments

Of course it depends on my hearing loss, what is moderate, and even if I post it in detail, or my audiologist measure all details, I always get the answer of trying multiple, as I will do.

From a specification point of view we must be able to say something, isn’t it?
And maybe someone has tried them both, like to learn from these experiences

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I haven’t tried either. But, I’m currently trialing Resound LinX 3D and I have to say my hearing has never been better. From noisy situations to quiet, it all works well. I’m one of the minority that doesn’t use the app much. Tried the restaurant mode but it didn’t make hearing better for me. The problem I’m having with the Resounds is on landline phones for work. They have some phone mode which kicks in then out and causes me to miss parts of the conversation. If I move the phone at all, it can kick in again (sounding tones for several seconds) then out causing more conversation loss. I don’t know if the Quattros have the same problem. In March I’m going to trial the Marvels and hope they have the same or better sound quality without the phone issues. I prefer the aids automatically adjusting to the environment rather than having to pick a mode on a device or push buttons on the aid.

I am a new user, but I trialed 3, Oticon OPN, Resound Quattro, and Phonak Marvel. You will need to make your own decision. I was ready to commit to the Quattro, but then had a chance to trial the marvel. I loved the Quattro, but since my main interest was streaming quality, the marvels won me. I am nearly 80, so my needs and environment may be different than yours. Other than the Bluetooth issues, hopefully soon fixed, the marvels are all I could wish for.


Update_Paragraph: Looking in fitting software for the Quattro, the “acoustic phone” is still a separate program, so unlike streaming from a cell phone via PC+ discussed below, there apparently will be an inherent time delay if one does anything to cause the phone mode to kick on or off and switch programs. A provider could turn off sounding tones on program changes in one or both ears so if you could live with loss of those beeps and still hear conversation for most of the program change time, that might help. But maybe the Marvels behave better with acoustic phones (classic landlines) - but maybe there could be a better, stronger phone magnet?

Not sure about phone mode but before the Quattro’s, streaming was a separate program so that caused a time delay as the LiNX 3D’s had to switch from whatever program they were in to a separate streaming program. For the Quattro’s streaming is “opened up” in whatever program the Quattro is already operating in so the connection is supposed to be very fast - this is a paraphrase from my ~remembrance of a ReSound Audiology Online course.

Below is a first impression of testing answering the phone with Phone Clip+ streaming shortly after I got the Quattro’s but at that time I didn’t realize that my Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 watch was competing with the Phone Clip+ for BT call and BT media audio, hadn’t straightened that out, and I didn’t check the state of the watch - so it might not have been a fair test.

Hi, you might want to try hearing aids with telecoil. I believe Resound Linx Quattro has telecoil option. This will help you to hear better over the phone without putting it on speaker.

I used BTE HAs with telecoil, and I was very happy by talking over the phone.

Now, I have Resound Linx 3D RIC without telecoil, I have to do either put both HAs on streaming or turn the bluetooth off and put the phone on speaker to hear better. I honestly do not like streaming. I would rather hear a person sits next to me talking while listening to other on the phone so I can hear them both at the same volume level.

I hope this helps?