Phonak Marvel not working, looking for troubleshooting advice

So my right Phonak Marvel stopped working last night. It sounded like it cut out a couple of times. I mentioned to my wife “that’s weird, my hearing aid keeps cutting out.” Then it stopped altogether. That’s when I remembered that the low battery alarm had gone off as I was driving home, so I put new batteries in them, but it still doesn’t work.

Now, what does work is, it still connects to my phone for Bluetooth, and the volume buttons on the right aid will adjust the volume for the left aid. The MyPhonak app sees both aids okay.

So I’m thinking maybe I have a bad receiver. What I want to know is, can I switch receivers just for troubleshooting purposes? I’m thinking I can just grab the wire and give a good yank to pull it out of the aid, but I don’t want to do that unless someone can confirm for me that’s how it works.

I don’t have this hearing aid, but I think the receiver wire is locked into the aid. So avoid pulling on it until you find out how to release it.

Did you change the wax guard on the receiver? Very common for those to get plugged.


Don’t give it a good yank! Get a small tool like the size of a toothpick and push the pin out at the top of your hearing aid about maybe a 16th to a 32nd inch than lightly pull the receiver out. It will have 3 pins so be careful putting then in. Hope this helps. Do check for wax first

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I also think it’s the receiver. Swap them for a test but don’t just pull!
See here how to do it:
How to replace the receiver on a Phonak Audéo M hearing aid - YouTube


@sterei, @Petbug, perfect. That’s just what I was looking for. Thank you. The aid does work with the other receiver. I got out my Jodi-Vac and cleaned everything up real good, and changed the wax guards. Still no go.

Fortunately, I already had an appointment set up with my audi for Wednesday. Now I can email him ahead of time and let him know what’s going on. With luck, maybe he can get a new receiver by then.

Thanks all for the help!

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Mine does

that all the time. I have to tweek the metal that the door closes on by making it stick out a little. The door is not making contact with the metal clasp that it closes on. Just take a small flat screw driver and tweek it out a little Attached pictures

Are you getting sound with Bluetooth? If so, the receiver is ok. Sounds more like a bad or dirty mic.

Good. But also, if you are still under warranty get that repaired properly before the warranty is out. You should not have to do that all the time.

No. The bluetooth connection is made through the right hearing aid. If I turn both aids on, they will connect to the phone. When I play music, it’s on the left only. So the right is working electronically because it’s receiving the sound and passing it to the left.

When I put the left receiver on the right aid, it worked fine. I’m certain it’s a bad receiver. I’ve already emailed my audi to see if he can get a new one before I see him Wednesday.

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Audi called this morning, they have receivers in stock. :+1: