Phonak Marvel Music Loudness Hack


Edit other solution is to ask for a Power Dome: From GR8Dane
You basically made a Power Dome which is another Phonak option. Great idea though! Closing the vent improves the bass response significantly and also helps with the volume. Your audiologist should be able to give you some power domes that will swap directly in place of your open fits. Nice work!

I have just had my Marvel M30 R firmware updated to 6.0.2 and finally paired to my iPhone X.

I however found out that when playing music that the volume was not loud enough, especially when commuting to work or outside. They lacked bass. To me it is like $2 earphones.

My solution was to attach the earbuds from my Sony earphones to my Marvel hearing aids.
To take the earbuds on and off is easy and simple as taking the wax protector off and on again.

The loudness, bass and quality increased significantly and worked well on commutes :slight_smile:
Downside is the earbuds do block the ear canal so your ears feels and sounds blocked up when talking or not listening to music…

So the hack works well if you want to listen to music for a while and or listening to music when out and about.

Note: I have noticed my Marvel bluetooth streaming is susceptible to interference by coffee machines or tram power lines… :confused: the music drops in and out when the coffee machine is running.

The Final Product

The Steps
Note: I used the earbuds from Sony MDR-EX155AP - Other earbuds models / brands may have bigger or smaller holes and may not be suitable to use for this hack.

Adjust the Bluetooth Streaming to favour audio

The Look


When I picked up my Marvels from my audiologist she immediately removed the open domes you have and replaced them with the large vented domes so I get plenty of bass and the music streaming is outstanding. Also, since they are vented (slightly) I don’t get the “occlusion” effect you experience with the Sony earbuds. She gave me a whole bunch of extra domes for when they need replacing which hasn’t been an issue yet (over two months with them).


You basically made a Power Dome which is another Phonak option. Great idea though! Closing the vent improves the bass response significantly and also helps with the volume. Your audiologist should be able to give you some power domes that will swap directly in place of your open fits. Nice work!


Very cool… I’m also missing some bass due to the openness of the domes… I was considering trying different domes… Hadn’t thought of trying earbud pcs


In Phonak Target, the software for programming your aids, there actually is an option for Bass Boost. I didn’t like the effect. However, I normally don’t turn the bass up on my stereo amplifier, too. Why don’t you ask your audiologist to turn up the bass/volume in your streaming program?

An improvement that I do use, when I am listening to streaming music, is to mute the HA mics by long pressing the program change button. Especially, nice when I am in public transportation: kind of wearing headphones! So quiet.


Hey Mark. I’ve tried the same thing and unfortunately the Bass Boost only seemed to be available as a global setting, so you are left increasing the low frequencies on just the streaming program, (probably what you meant anyway). I’ve done that on mine and it helped, but it still isn’t the same as the closed dome. I do love the mute button option when listening to music. Do you notice that they streaming program swaps quickly and un-mutes your mic’s when you manually switch tracks? I wish the program would remember that I told it to mute, so stay muted, even if you swap to auto-sense and back.


okay, I’m a newbie & confused. I don’t recall seeing anything about a “mic mute” for my Marvel’s.

But, as best I can tell the Marvel’s seem to automatically mute the mic while streaming music via Bluetooth.


I will ask re the power dome!!! Thank you!


Double power domes might give you the closed
fit you have. I’ve used Shure ear buds alone for the same effect but it has just enough leakage not to feel occluded. Good luck!


@GR8Dane That sounds annoying indeed. With a program change there should be an unmute, that is a given. So the question changes to “why is there a program change:” Probably because your generating a sound by fiddling with the tracks: screen touch falls under keyboard clicks in iPhone, which can be disabled in settings>sounds>keyboard clicks. Otherwise, you could try the preferences or settings of your music app. Lastly, changing the music app could help: They definitely don’t all work the same. The occlusion effect can also happen with the powerdomes. Basically, they close off the ear canal that well, that while moving around, you squeeze out air from the pocket between your eardrum and the dome: They can act like an air valve. Pressure differences can get high enough to even experience some pain!
So the solution of my audiologist was to make a radial cut in both domes, allowing the air to move freely.
Drawbacks of that solution is that they get glued together again with ear wax and you lose some of the effect of double domes.
I found that using a scalpel you can cut a small X in the domes. It reduces the power dome effect less and as you can cut them close to the center, they don’t get waxed shut that easily.


Interesting, could you post a pic of the x?


No. I’ve gone over to custom molds for years now. Power domes keep itching.

However, imagine the lines of the X about 1mm. The x takes 3 scalpel cuts. Just let the point of the scalpel sink into the dome. One 1mm cut. Two 0.5mm cuts from the ends of the X to the middle. (You’ll have too much trouble to stop at the designated point, if you have to cut through the already made cut.)


When I want more bass I just insert soft foam earplugs on top of the receiver in canal. It’s really a dramatic bass boost. So easy to take ear plugs in and out. occlusion is less of an issue if it’s only temporary.


I received the more closed “power” domes for my Marvels from the Audi yesterday… They’ve given me back the bass that I was missing in music during exercise.

But I don’t like them for the rest of the day. My routine is to swap domes depending on my activities