Phonak Marvel M90 - Sound coming and going

Hello there. I am using a Phonak Marvel M90 RIC-312 hearing aid. My right ear can’t hear 100%. When I first bought this device, I felt the sound in my right ear, but I didn’t hear it. I couldn’t feel the sound in my right ear for the last two weeks. The other day I discovered a situation where I was sleeping with a hearing aid in my right ear and I started to feel the sounds. I didn’t feel the voices when I straightened. I feel the voices when I go to bed again. Does this have anything to do with the ear or do you think the device has trouble? As I said I can’t understand this place, my right ear doesn’t hear 100%.

If I understand correctly, you felt the sounds when you were resting your head on your right ear. I’m guessing this is because the sounds (vibrations) were transmitted directly to your skull and you were able to feel them. This would be normal.

@MDB But when I first bought the hearing aids, I always felt the sounds for about two months. It’s a post-mortem.

To add to MDBs statement, if you could hear sounds when laying in bed on that ear it could be the pillow is pushing the receiver in the ear better. All this might be a simple incorrect dome size.