Phonak Marvel M90-R and Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones

I’m presently trialing the Phonak Marvels. Got them March 18th, just before the VA lockdown!
Recently the VA got on-board with the remote programming feature, so I’ve worked with my AuD to get the sound I want.
I had the Oticon OPN1 RIC aids, and loved the sound, but hate the Connectclip, so they recommended the Phonaks.
Big problem w the Marvels is that the music programs I’ve tried suppress high frequencies of music through my Sennheiser Momentum2 BT headphones.
I’m thinking the ANC is causing the HA’s to lower the gain.
Never had the problem with the OPN’s.
Anyone got an opinion, or should I try the OPN S?
Streaming is secondary, so I could live with Oticon.

I have the OPN1 ITE hearing aids now and I am getting new aids this summer. Knowing my Audi I believe that I will be getting the OPNS1 Rite or BTE aids. But I am wondering what the Marvels sound like. I have been told that since I have been wearing Oticon aids for about 10 years that I would have a hard time with the Phonak or Starkey hearing aids. I like the tech of both of them. So how do the Marvels sound generally compared to the OPN1 aids.
I really cannot help you with the BT headphones seeing I use the Bose headphones that use the old fashion cable connections.

What does ANC mean?

Active Nose Cancellation, which Phonak calls Whistleblock and Sound Relax and Noise Block for various functionality…

And OP you’re probably correct. For fun i tried killing Whistleblock today just to see and all they did was mega feedback. More evidence for me that I need earmolds but anyway…

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I have learned the wind, echo and noise blocks are sensitive. They will definitely decrease gain, sometimes when you don’t want gain decreased. With music this is important.

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Active Noise Cancellation

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I knew that :wink: and more words so I can post because …

Chuck, I started with Oticon 7 years ago, so I, too was not sure what to expect.
My Audi told me they’d probably sound “shrill” compared to Oticon, but my brain would adapt.
Surprisingly, I found them quite pleasant on 1st fitting.
Unfortunately, the lock-down started, so can’t attest to speech in noise, or other programs.
Once she got the music, and TV programs dialed in, I found them almost as good as the OPN. Oticon has a higher signal to noise ratio, and wider frequency response, though.
The rechargeables are larger than the OPN, which I discovered is causing the high frequency drop in music with my Sennheiser Momentum Headphones. Last night I was able to get them to fit, but it’s a hit & miss proposition.
All compression, and other functionality are turned off in music, but still getting feedback with Noise Cancelling.
Like you, I have wired headphones, which sound good (larger ear cups).
Streaming hands-free phone calls is great on android.
The app has the ability to make adjustments within the programs to customize them, but it’s frustrating when your phone display goes off, the hearing aids disconnect from the app, and you have to reconnect.The ON app never does that.
I got the custom acrylic Cshell molds, and they are very comfortable.
I find it really difficult to use the multifunction switch for volume, and program changes, because they’re at the top of the aid, and Oticons are more conveniently at the bottom.
Too much info, huh?
Hope it makes sense!

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Phobos512 So turning off whistleblock caused feedback for you?
I was told to disable it for music.
Maybe I need it for my Noise cancelling headphones.
BTW, I have custom molds, and still get feedback.

Thank you so much, my Audi has given me the pushback on anything but Oticon for my hearing loss. I believe most of it is that I already have all of the extras and just need the updated hearing aids. I have the OPN1 ITE and they are pushed to the limits and I still have trouble understanding speech. I have done a lot of research and also asking questions, and I have found that the aids I have with the recievers I have cannot reach my full prescription due to the Oticon feedback issues. So I am pushing for the larger BTE -PP hearing aids at this time. I guess I will find out on the first of June what my Audi has in mine, I go in for a hearing test and to do impressions for new aids.

Strange, my Audi said the phonaks are better for severe hearing loss.
I’m sure whichever brand you get will be better with BTE’s.
I also have all the accesories for my OPN, but with Phonak you don’t need the Connectclip anymore.
My Audi also got me the Roger Select iM which is a combo 6 microphone beam-forming little puck, that also can stream from TV, or other devices.

Phonak has a Remote Control for the Marvel aids. I too have issues with the Audeo toggle. My need is to change the program when watching TV and my wife walks in talking.
I do not use the the app.

Yeah, very much so. I am in Target right now just because I couldn’t remember and WhistleBlock is still enabled at level 8 (the software calls this “Weak”). On all my other programs it was set to level 13, “Moderate”. And like I said, for giggles I turned it to zero and immediately they started squealing. I’m very much feedback limited though at high frequency, have been since day one with these aids. Even with the setting to let them exceed by 5 dB, they still are not getting to the right gain where I need it the most.

Are your molds vented? I have double domes, but they still cause me issues. I have to fiddle with them every morning to find the right spot for no feedback, and then I have to keep finding it again throughout the day. I have an appointment on Monday though; hopefully after another 10 days or so I’ll be done with domes.

You do know that custom earmolds would stop your gain/feedback issues. They would also allow you to make needed adjustments on the noise controls.
You are at that magic 40 dB low frequency hearing loss area.


Yep. Been trying to convince my audiologist about that for a while. I’ve decided just to be blunt on Monday.


I learned years ago to be up front and blunt about my needs. I always have notes and I either email them to my Audi ahead of time or I take them with me and hand them to my Audi at the beginning of the appointment.

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Phobos512, yes they are vented. Your Audi will make impressions, and Phonak will make the molds with venting based on your audiogram.


Just got the REMOTE for the Marvels. Problem w/spouse talking over TV solved completely!


That’s great news. I am wanting one but I am too frugal sometimes looking for that great deal. $125 at Amazon, I should pull the trigger.

I understand the idea of venting and what it’s supposed to accomplish (occlusion control, pressure relief) but obviously if you’re having feedback issues, they’re the source. I intend to request no venting. Years of wearing unvented earphones, I’m used to it. My double domes have no vent. They just don’t fit all that well / aren’t comfortable for me.