Phonak Marvel M30-R Manual Programs


Hi Members,
Need few advice from Marvel 30 R, phonak remote app showing only one auto sense 3.0 program. But i did check other people have 3 to more programs…



Unclear exactly what you’re asking. I think you’re asking why your hearing aids have only Autosense and no other programs? Programs need to be installed by the hearing aid fitter. The default is just Autosense.



The auto sense for M30 is calm and speech in noise.



There are some default pre set program available in target software. Additional three custome program can be added by audi.



Yes you are correct, i just confirmed,

Only Autosense 3.0 is the program showing.

No program selection option in Phonak remote app : calm, speech in noise, Stream music, stream speech. Which I think sould be there.



Somebody would need a programming device (like NoahLink Wireless) and Target 6 software to place the programs there. Talk about it with your hearing aid fitter or audiologist.



You won’t get all of those programs in Auto Sense because you have the lowest version of that aid (M30 is the lowest, then M50, M70, and M90 is the top level). You can add some in separately for manual use, but unfortunately because you have the low-end one, you can only do them manually, after your dispenser or audiologist has given you access to them. Since this is your first fit, they probably just want you to adjust to the sound before giving you the option to play with the settings.



Ok, thats what i was looking for.

Just one more thing is if you use marvel can you tell me how efficient is autosense os. Some noise like kitchen chimney or fan sound seems a problem.



You can change how aggressively it switches from calm to speech in noise, but that’s about it as far as automatic changes.

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If you are new to hearing aids, you need to give your brain time to adjust to the new sounds. Then they will sound natural. The auto sense works good. I went from Phonak audeo b50 312t to marvel 70rs, amazing difference. I have manual programs installed on mine but I never need to use them.



Step 1: Did your service provider complete REM? If not, switch providers.

Step 2. If REM completed, allow your brain to adapt to your new Hearing Levels for at least 3 months of daily use.

Step 3: If Hearing deficits persist, make a list of when and where you struggle.

Step 4: Discuss these issues with your provider. Insist they do not deviate from REM targets more than 5dB in your main setting. All additional adjustments/changes based on your list should be done as additional Programs.