Phonak Marvel / KS9 paired with Plantronics Bluetooth dongle

Has anyone had any success pairing their Marvel or KS9 aids with a Plantronics Bluetooth usb dongle. I’m specifically hoping to use it with the Plantronics MDA200 hub so that I can switch seamlessly between my laptop and landline phone. I have forgotten all other parings on the aids first, but nothing I do seems to get the pairing to work…Maybe they are not compatible, but would be good to know if anyone else has succeeded with this set-up. It works great with wired headphones (plugged into the usb socket of the MDA200), but would be so much better with Bluetooth direct into the aids.

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Sounds interesting. Of coarse you can only reply about the headphones. What kind of range does the bluetooth have? What about latency?

Not Plantronics but I have no problem connecting Marvels to a Taotronics dongle. May have to turn off BT on the phone first.