Phonak Marvel keeps changing to Bluetooth Streaming program

My Phonak Marvel M90R keeps switching to the Bluetooth Streaming program. This was stopped months ago by deactivating the Auto-Launch Audio Apps on my Apple Watch. However, the problem has returned even though the Auto-Launch is still off.

Anyone has a suggestion to correct this.



I have M70-R. Do you get phone sounds – clicks and taps – in your ear over the BT streaming audio? This could be why it keeps changing to the streaming program.

You can either turn off the phone sounds in the phone settings (assuming iPhone has such a thing; I have Android). Or you can turn off automatic audio streaming in the BT settings. You could still make/receive phone calls with the Marvels but it wouldn’t keep switching over.

Mine switches over whenever I do something on the phone unless I deactivate audio streaming in the BT settings. If I want to play audio, I can pop into the settings and re-activate it. This is what the settings window looks like on Android.

I was finding the same trouble. I believe I had it narrowed down to web browsing and ads that would appear with sound and having streaming audio enabled. Even with audio on the phone muted, the Marvels would switch to streaming. Only fix I found was disable streaming audio unless I wanted to listen to music.


Thanks for your reply.

I closed all notifications on my iPhone X and the problem went away. I am gradually reactivating the notifications, and so far, the problem has not returned. There may be one that once activated will be the culprit.

I suspect it is either the “keyboard click” or “Siri” that causes the Marvels to switch to Bluetooth Streaming. I will report back when I have more information.

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