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First off… THANK YOU TO ALL THAT ANSWERED MY EARLIER QUESTION, AND FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS. That discussion ended up being much longer then I thought, cause I kept adding more and more questions. Im sure it made it difficult to read and follow by others who might have come in late to that discussion. I will do my best to keep this discussion more on topic and easier to read. I HOPE.

Anyways, I returned the original hearing aids to the audiologist I didnt like/trust. They returned my money within a week. (less then, as it was a weekend).

I had already made an appt to see a different audi but had to delay it, (I had discovered more skin cancer in my ear, (actually on the physical ear itself, just on the outer face, not the side that faces the skull).

Anyways, I had to have it removed and they would not have been able to test or wear headset for the testing, so I saw the audi today. I have been without HA for about 2-3 weeks. and MISSED THEM. even though the last pair wasnt adjusted properly. in fact, the last adjustment was HORRIBLE.

Anyways, I wanted an Audi that did REM. This was the only place within 25 miles, (near Los Angeles). Im still concerned about if REM is so great, why is there only one place in a community of hundred+ audiologist

Anyways, I digress, again. They explained they dont use the REM until the HA are dialed up to 100% which makes sense.

anyways, the other difference between this place and the other is, I didnt need to pay anything for my TRIAL

They were more INFORMED about the operations of the PHONAK MARVEL.

The first fitting/adjustment is already better then my experience with my first Audi, They did turn the HA response to around 90% cause they knew I had already used hearing aids just 2 weeks ago. And I am already liking this adjustment.

I also learned that what I thought and what you all told me, PHONAK does in fact have manual over-ride of programs. PHONAK even has a program called MUSIC.

perfect. that was my main complaint/gripe. I told the first AUDI that the music I listen to was sounding sounded too tinny, or how i couldnt hear some mid-range… And all the first Audi did was adjust some of the ‘channels’. And like I thought, those channels are like an EQUILIZER on my old stereo. and the MARVEL M30 only had a small range of adjustments. Im assuming she wanted to have less amplification to the low range, (cause my hearing isnt as bad at the low range), but because the M30 had a small number of channels, it also used less amplification on some of the lower MID RANGE sounds too.

ANYWAYS. TO MY QUESTION… (After I said I would keep this more brief and to the point. hehehehehehehe).

the Audiologist said she added the MUSIC program to my hearing aids. HOW DO i SELECT that program? Which button, how long?



see. i could have made this so much shorter…



It may depend on how your fitter set up the hearing aids. A common way to set them up is to use the hearing aid up down toggle switch to adjust volume. The other hearing aid then used the up down toggle to switch between programs. A longer hold (3+ seconds) on the button down may turn the hearing aid off and if repeated back on again. But, that is just a guess based on how mine are set up. The fitter should have given you a sheet or a specific manual marked up to show you how the toggle switches have been programmed.



yes, I agree. they should have told me, especially after I told them about the past Audi not even knowing about adding programs…

I tried it your way before asking, and all it did was turn the volume up, or down, or OFF like you mentioned. I tried finding a sweet spot, but still no joy. Which is why I asked you all.

I even searched google, and this forum. PHONAK doesnt include it. the manuals all mention it would be in other publications depending on model, but that is as far it went for me.

It sounds like a stupid question/issue which i would get some slack over. But, here I am.

thanks for the attempt. Keep watching to see how it will still come back to USER ERROR anyways.



I’ve had my Marvel M90-R for 6 months and absolutely love them.

Today I have only two additional programs.

  1. Music (built-in straight through with no audio modifications)
  2. Music 2 (custom program for playing my piano added by audiologist)

I choose a program in one of two ways.

  1. I have an Android Pixel 3 XL phone and use the Phonak Android Remote app to simply choose a Program from a drop-down menu.

  2. Choose a Program by holding down the Volume UP rocker for several seconds until I hear a Beep (First Program “Music”). Then hold the Volume UP rocker again for several seconds and hear TWO Beeps (Second Program “Music 2” for my piano. Then hold the Volume UP rocker again for several seconds and hear the musical jingle that indicates I"m back on “Home” again and I’m on AutoSense OS 3.0 where all the built-in Programs are automatically selected for me according to the situation I’m in.

Remember, to select a Program, you have to actually HOLD the Volume UP button for several seconds until you hear a Beep. Just tapping it only turns the volume UP one notch.

I’ve found that to operate the rocker switch, it works much better to press my ear up against the Marvel and firmly “pin” it between my head and my ear with my thumb. That way the Marvel cannot move and the rocker switch is easy to manipulate with my free fingers.

Hope I’ve been helpful.

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Thanks for sharing that technique. I did find the rocker awkward.



If you look to the left of the photo it shows the additional programs I’ve got and the order they are in. You need to get that information from your Audiologist, they select the programs and the order.



yes, very helpful… thank you. and yes I had issues pushing the button until I figured out how to pinch the outer ear against the hearing aid and my finger.

I am guessing the audiologist didnt activate the music program cause I dont see it in the remote app, nor does pushing/holding the button do anything except increase the volume.

thanks for the team effort…

btw, how long have u been wearing hearing aids. is there any change to your playing of piano or listening to music?

my hearing is worst then yours at the mid to high range… I still love music, prior to my getting hearing aids… but am having some issues now… but Im still in the FITTING stages.

thanks for your input… it isvery helpful and exciting to believe I can still love my music



is that a computer program you are using to connect to the hearing aid? I dont have any of that… I would like to get it if it isnt that expensive…

any help in identifying the hardware and software and how to get it would be helpful.

I have heard/read some things about TARGET SOFTWARE? is that what you are using?





Since you have the Marvels on trial right now, you are using the premium M90. That means that you actually do have all of the built-in programs. However it does NOT mean that your audiologist gave you control to actuate a program of your own volition. With the built-in Music Program, if music starts to play, the Phonak AutoSense OS 3.0 automatically goes in to the Music Program. The downside is that if anyone starts to talk during the music, speech gains priority and the music quality suffers. I don’t want that to happen, so when I’m at the symphony for example or if I’m playing the piano, I want the music to have total priority. That’s why you would want to have control over choosing the Music Program on your own.

My first hearing aid was the Marvel M90-R fitted on Dec 26, 2018. So I’m just coming up on 6 months with my Marvels. The change to my piano playing would be that I now can hear the top octave of my piano whereas before playing the last octave the only thing I could hear was the “thud” of the key hitting the key bed and nothing else. Also there is a fullness and brilliance to the entire keyboard that was absent before. Just as with everything else with hearing high frequencies for the first time in decades, it has taken some “getting used to”. My first reaction to sitting down at my piano with my new Marvels was that my piano sounded like a cheap barroom piano. I have a high quality 7’ 5" Kawai Concert Grand and my tuner/tech tells me that it’s one of the best instruments she tunes. So the problem is with me and not my piano. My audiologist has built a piano program for me that I choose when sitting down to play and I’m getting more satisfied with it all the time.

One of the pure joys of owning my Marvels has been streaming high quality music from my Android Pixel 3 XL phone or my computer. I have a subscription to Primephonic ( and they stream in lossless CD quality and the Marvels can actually do justice to that streaming quality. I’ve said it on the forum many times that my Marvels really do rival the sound I get with my audiophile quality headphones! It’s fabulous to have access to any high quality music I want, at anytime I want, wherever I am, without having to drag a headphone with me! I absolutely love it!



I took the photo as an easy way of knowing which programs I’ve got. I took it at the time the aids were fitted. I don’t know what the program is but I imagine it’s Target. My aids are supplied by the NHS in England and it’s not possible to self program them.



Works like a charm. Is there any easy way to Switch Streaming from Phone to Computer/TV? Phonak should have made it Automatic.



The easy way to switch streaming from phone to computer or TV is owning the Phonak TV Connector. I have a TV Connector permanently attached to my computer. Switching from my computer to my phone is totally transparent. I simply start streaming from either one and it just works.



Thanks for the quick reply. Picked up Marvels 70 today. Compared my Kirkland 6 [adjusted lost count and still don’t make the cut], Oticon S, Marvels. Phonak won. The New Roger Pen will be available in the Fall. Is there an alternative? Thanks again.



If you can get a PilotOne II remote control for your Phonak aids, it is much easier to adjust volume and program than doing it on the aids.
But you need to carry the remote around. It is pretty small, a bit bigger than some car fobs.
Target is the Phonak adjustment software. You may find a copy on eBay, or look through the DIY section of these forums.
You would also need a way to connect the aids to your pc.
The Phonak iCube II is best, it is wireless and often sells on eBay for around $200 (make sure to get the USB dongle with it, or you would need to connect a usb cable to the iCube.)
Most audiologists /fitters use the iCube.
I really recommend trying to self-adjust. It isn’t that hard, and you can make numerous adjustments to get the settings optimum.
The Target program saves each session, so you can go back to earlier settings.
Also, you will learn how to set up the programs.
The 30/50/70/90 series have different numbers of programs that you can set.
My Audeo B90-13 can set 5 programs. The 30 series , maybe 2 or 3.
I don’t like the Phonak AutoSense. Even though you can set the speed of changing between the automatically selected programs, often you end up on a program that isn’t the best for a situation.
Good luck.



I understand that AutoSense OS 3.0 on the Marvel is supposed to be considerably better than AutoSense on the Audeo B90. I couldn’t tell you personally as I’ve not used any HA other than the Marvels. I can only tell you that AutoSense 3.0 on my Marvels has worked quite well in all the venues I’ve experienced and program changes are totally transparent. But then I’m just an enthusiastic first time HA user of 6 months with a standard ski-slope hearing loss. :smile:



i do have the trials, but she told me she set it up to mimic the m70 as that is the one Im leaning towards. She told me, other then the music there is only one program that is on the m90 that can’t be installed onto the 70s. and that program, sorry I can’t recall which one. I’ll try to remember to get it from her next week when I see her.

but, Im not interested or don’t think Ill use that program ever or much, so in essence Ill save money.

I know there are other differences, ie channels.

as for your hearing the high notes on ur piano. I totally understand. I have always thoughjt the upper scales always sounded exactly like you describe, cheap, or broken… tink tink tink.

I love the ability to hear full spectrum… not just hear the high notes, but the blending of the all the notes. other wise the chord or the combination of instruments just sounding OFF/biased…

thanks again for your input…



thanks all for the feedback and comments. My ‘fear’/concern about self programming is to CREEP UP AND UP AND UP. LOUDER AND LOUDER AND LOUDER.

KINDA like reading glasses. it is nice to get the right RX but when u get used to them, getting over magnification is awesome. it’s like using a magnifying glass. but easier.

i know… i used too many words to describe something so basic to understand.

anyways. thanks again. for the comments and support



can you tell me what it sounds like when the AUTOSENSE is switching programs?

every so often I hear the hearing aids go blank for a second. is that when the programs are being selected?




With my M90-R there is a blank moment where no HA amplification occurs whenever there is an Android Notification that comes in on my Pixel 3 XL. This has nothing to do with AutoSense Program changes.

It’s my understanding that the AutoSense programs blend as environments change and there is never a noticeable abrupt change.

I understand that there is a way to shorten or eliminate that “Blank” in Phonak Target programming. At my next appointment I’m going to ask my audiologist about that.



I don’t believe the remote works for the Marvel.

The iCube II won’t work for the Marvel. You need the NoahLink Wireless.