Phonak Marvel & Ear Gear

Is there a way of answering a call other then pressing the buttons on the Marvel HAs?

I’m a regular user of Ear Gear as medication makes me sweat more.

I’m seriously thinking of visiting an audiologist to get the Phonak Marvel Bolero.

I normally buy my HAs on eBay but I’ve been umming and arring about buying new Marvels since they came out.

You can answer the phone using the phone’s answer button/slide.

I suspect the new Remote Control for the Marvel aids would work too.

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The new marvel is not sweat proof at all. There are no gaskets on ear piece where batteries go. If you sweat I guarantee that sweat will get into them even with ear gear. Once inside it takes about a few minutes and batteries are shot and they start to rust. Worst hearing aids I ever had for sweat. But the best for hearing I have ever had. When I go out and do yard work I have to not put hearing aids in the ear. If it is really hot out I cannot use the hearing aids even if I just go for a walk.

Apparently not. All it seems to be able to do is change volume and cycle among user-selectible programs.

The mute is reached by using the hearing aid toggle, long down push.
I suspect the remote control will do this too.

I hope not. So far I’ve been OK including when the Ear Gears are wet. But I haven’t gotten to thoroughly-soaked-t-shirt conditions with the M90s yet.

ear gear always worked before until I got the marvels. They have no gasket on battery door. Previous phonak had a gasket on the door

That is interesting since the Marvel T312 has one of the highest misture resistance ratings for any BTE hearing aids.

Mine are T313 the bigger battery. It also has a high Moisture resistant rating but it is a lie. Without a gasket there is no safety guard. They must have rated the hearing aids themselves.

The ratings is done by an independent group and not by Phonak itself.

If you know who they are I would contact them and tell them they are full of it. Or I would ask them who paid them off.