Phonak Marvel Button Programming


I have the Phonak Marvel 312 for 1 month now and they are marvelous.
I programed them my self and I thought why not program the left buttons for volume and the right ones for programs.
To my surprise I could not find a way to configure independently the left and right buttons!

Am I missing something?

No. You’re not missing anything. It’s Phonak style.

On my previous model (Costco’s version of the Audeo B90) button long press and short press have different functions, short press is volume up and down (right and left) and long press is program change.

Thanks everybody. I was just wondering about this too. One can change which hearing aid the signal tones sound in, but not have different functions for the different sides. My KS7s were quite versatile. Could program different functions on different hearing aids and had short, medium and long presses available.

This is disappointing as my friends V70s, his left is short press, program change and right is short press, volume change. Long press is further reduction of volume.