Phonak Marvel Bluetooth

BT Classic HFP and A2DP supports multiple simultaneous connections at a time (i.e, 2, AFAIK). However, this does not mean you can actually hear multiple sources at a time. The way it usually works is that if one device is quiet and the other has audio, it switches to the one that has audio. What it does when both have audio I don’t know for sure; it probably gives precedence to the one it was on or picks one randomly if it’s just starting up, and then does it’s switching in the normal way.

For instance, my Bose headphones support at least a half-dozen different pairings, but they will only connect to two devices at a time. They connect to my TV BT transmitter (that I used to use before the Marvels) and to my phone, for instance. And the Bose headphones tell you which two (out of your bigger pairing list) that they’re currently connected to. I’ll be listening to TV, and then if a phone call comes over, it immediately switches to the phone.

On the other end, a BT transmitter can connect to 2 receiver devices at a time. Even with HFP. But again, it’s an either-or connection. Case in point, when I get into the car, my Marvels stay connected to the phone but the phone also connects to the car BT. When a call comes in, the phone rings itself, but simultaneously rings through the car audio system and rings in my Marvels. When I answer the, it gives precedence to the car BT system, but can be switched instantly in the phone’s call progress screen.

Likewise, my phone’s A2DP stays connected with my Marvels but also connects to the car BT audio, and gives precedence to playing through the car’s sound system.

Hope this helps.

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Oh, one other thing:

BT 5.0 (and maybe even the latest 4.x) supports 2 simultaneously operating A2DP headphones on the remote end. So a TV transmitter supporting this will transmit to 2 headphone listeners simultaneously in a room.

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One example of how I use two connections is having one phone handling navigation and the other on a conference call. The iPhones recognize that I am on a call and instead of giving full voice directions from the navigating phone for a turn, just sound a chime. Meanwhile I am able to hear the conference call from the other phone and easily go on or off mute. I use this 3-4 hours nearly every work day. I am going to try connecting the navigating phone to the Subaru using CarPlay and have the navigation instructions on the dash and turn the volume way down.

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It IS wonderful not to have the Compilot Air II around my neck. I always had to wear a t-shirt to cover it up and occasionally forgot to turn off the LED and would find people staring at my neck.

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Checked out the NoahLink hardware and am surprised at how reasonable the pricing is. Found the link for the software at (Noahlink Wireless)

You don’t need any software other than Phonak Target 6.1 and the Noahlink device. Check your private HearingTracker mail.

Great! Sounds like things are coming together for you.
Consider adding your audiogram so I can see if we’re at all close. If you click on my Avatar picture you can see mine.

Take a look in the DIY forum. Look for fitting software.

The compilot 2 connects to two phones and a third streaming device. So when streaming, if either phone rings, I take it on the compilot. The streaming pauses until the call ends.

The Resound Phone Clip+ connects to two phones.

I dont know how they do it, maybe multiple radios.

I’m using OnePlus 3T running android 9

It has bluetooth 4.2 could it be that the HA don’t support older bluetooth versions?
Your google phone has bluetooth 5.

At the same time i tested using my mom’s phone instead which was Moto g6 play and it streamed fine actually. Maybe I should just get a new phone perhaps.

I used this and checked and they’re supposed to be compatible.

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That’s weird then because I’m having really bad issues with streaming when outside. I just sent mine back and got a temporary ones and issue is persisting with the temporary HA as well. So it must be something wrong with my phone… even though it streams fine with my Plantronics Backbeat fit.

But on the other hand my mom’s newer phone streams fine with the HA. I think it may show that my phone for whatever reason isn’t working properly with the HA, new phone might do it.

Thanks for the link though that will be useful.

I don’t have any experience with anything other than the phone I have. Both the Marvel M90-R and the phone are the same since I got the Marvels on Dec 26, 2018. My Pixel 3 XL phone runs Android 10 and the Bluetooth 5.0 is backward compatible to the Bluetooth 4.2 on the Marvels. No doubt Bluetooth 4.2 on the Marvels was chosen to be compatible with more phones. All I can relate is my own experience with the hardware/software combination I have and the Pixel and Marvel streaming has been rock solid for almost a year now both inside and outside.

Inside I have a NetGear Orbi Mesh router connected to a Comcast fiber network. My WiFi connection averages 240 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up anywhere in my home. Outside my phone connects using Google Fi to a very strong cell tower connection that is less than a mile away when I go walking. I stream music from at lossless CD quality.

I just use local .mp3 files to listen to music.

OK. So neither WiFi or Cell Tower signal will make any difference.

They really shouldn’t make a difference with the quality of bluetooth stream.

I just checked my mom’s phone at my college it too cuts out but significantly less than my phone. I could actually hear the podcast. While on my phone it would be unbearable to listen to due to the constant cutouts.

So there is some small issue with the hearing aids I think since it’s not perfected the bluetooth streaming in some locations but it’s my phone that is causing incompatible bluetooth streaming it seems.

Could you send me the tread about bluetooth channel being to one ear but transmitted across the head to the other! Just acquired some phonak marvels, need to stream music and phone which will only transmit to one receiver!

You’re a Registered Provider so wouldn’t you already know?

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Is it possible to sign up on the forum as a Registered Provider and not actually being one? Asking for a friend. :sunglasses:

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Are you intending to transmit to one side only, or do you currently have, as a problem, the case of only hearing it in one side?

I can’t tell what you’re getting at from your phrasing.

If you only want it on one side, turn the other HA off (and make sure the side you want it on is programmed to be the dominant or default bluetooth receiver via Target settings).

There’s no way I’ve heard of to restrict BT music or phone transmissions to one side, because nobody wants to do this. However, there are probably settings in Target. For instance, maybe there’s a left-right balance control that you can turn all the way to the dominant/default side.