Phonak Marvel Bluetooth


For those of us who prefer Android and Microsoft Windows 10 without having to use an intermediate workaround, others need to step up and do it right. Too many people use Android for Phonak to remain alone with their ill thought out solution.



This has no much sense for me to switch between different devices using BT, while I am connected to Hands Free Profile of my Phone. I was trying to reconnect each time between phone and BT capable TV until I bought TV Connector. This is marvelous (!) device. No pairing required (it is fully automated). It just starts streaming when connected audio signal is active and it mutes upon incoming call (via bt HFP).
Finally, I have three simultaneous, always-on wireless connections in my setup:

  • TV Connector (Proprietary Phonak) - can stream any sound source with optical toslink or analog 3.5 mm jack. (You can use cable splitter to connect more devices)
  • Bluetooth Classic HFP/A2DP for phone calls in and out
  • BLE to connect to Phonak Remote app on my Android phone to change programs, balance volume between streaming and ambient hearing etc.
    This works optimal, to my needs of course.


Johnny, I’m in agreement with you. Although I found the TV Connector of more value leaving it connected to my main Windows 10 PC. This now gives me totally transparent always ON connections with both my phone and my computer.

I first tried the TV Connector with the TV but Kate and I decided that we liked our custom TV sound system better. When I then tried the TV Connector with my computer, it found a permanent home.



I enjoy all the feedback and comments on this topic. It matters to me if it was a technology limitation or some other reason the company (Phonak) was not able to achieve the seamless level of connectivity that seem like it should be possible. I’ve mastered pairing to a new device but switching back to my phone has been less than smooth. I know much of it is my error. For example at night I’m paired with my laptop and then in the morning when I attempt to pair back with my phone I have to remember to turn off the blue tooth on the lap top. I also have to remember to forget the devices in both locations on my phone (settings and the Phonak Ap.). I’ve found that if I just “forget” them with the Phonak Ap, or even if I don’t the devices with re- pair with the Ap. so that they can be controlled but streaming from my phone will not work. I have to “forget” them in both locations. I found that I had to attempt the re-pair several times and reboot my phone for the devices to be found. I’m working on getting to be as proficient at it as TraderGary. It does frustrate me that it’s easier to reach for my Airpods. I’m committed to these devices for now but (Phonak are you listening?) seamless connectivity will certainly be a much higher consideration when its time to replace them.



That difficulty switching back from my laptop is the reason I mainly leave mine connected to my phone. But that is about the only negative I have with the Phonak’s.



Thought I would add in a comprehensive step-by-step guide to using Phonak Marvel’s with other devices if their primary device is the iPhone:

Pair Hearing Aid to Other Device
-Forget connected “R-Phonak hearing aid” from iPhone
-Turn off R Hearing Aid
-Turn on Bluetooth on other device
-Turn on R Hearing Aid
-Search and add “R-Phonak hearing” on other device

Re-pair hearing aid to iPhone
-Forget connected “R-Phonak hearing aid” from device
-Turn R Hearing aid off
-Go to BT settings on iPhone
-Turn on R Hearing aid
-Pair “R-Phonak hearing”



I was on the phone with Phonak a week ago and they confirmed they are testing a new firmware that will allow you to connect to 2 devices at a time. They couldn’t say when or even if it would ever be released but they are testing it and the Marvels are capable of doing it.


Phonak Marvel 90 312 vs Phonak Marvel 13-T -- photo

Thats great to hear!



Are we being careful in our language? Pairing is not the same as Connecting. So, what is the pairing limit (in the trusted pairing table) in the HAs? I do believe that only one connection can be active. It would be nice to see this increased.

It would be nice to control pairing PRIORITY for the trusted pairs from the HA app.



Hi, I am testing phonak marvel 70 and found a similar bluetooth issue. I have iphone 6 plus. At one point it did not pair at all when I changed the battery but then had listed 2 right HA and 1 left HA. It only connected with one right. Is that the way it is supposed to work? Tomorrow I am going to trial marvel 90.



I’m not 100% sure but I believe it’ll connect to 1 x HA and then stream to the other.

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I’ve had my Marvel M90-R for 7 months and you are correct. You connect only the HA that is your default connection. The other HA streams from the Bluetooth connected HA.

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The phone will connect to both HAs using BLE. This is for the app to control settings and monitor battery charge. There will be an additional connection for streaming, but only to one HA. The phone will stream to the designated HA, which will stream using BLE to the other HA. That’s how it’s supposed to work.



Correct! And that’s exactly how my Marvel M90-R works. I’m connecting using an Android Pixel 3 XL phone.



I have the M70-R’s and I’m disappointed in their App’s BLE implementation. BLE can accommodate regular connection with very low power usage, but still when I go into the app it needs to connect to even display the battery levels, and that connection takes 5, 10, 15 seconds (which it also shouldn’t). I would think with today’s technology it could be made to be almost seamless, transparent to the user.



When I had Marvels, it was similar on both of my phones, android and iPhone. Sometimes they connected relatively quickly. Other times, it took longer, such after I turned on BT. I now have Opns and it’s similar to what it was for the Marvels. The connection to the Opns using MFi seems to be almost instantaneous. I think what you’re seeing is just how BLE works. I believe this is because BLE goes into a very low power mode or even shuts off completely with disuse, to conserve battery life. Apple must have done something creative to get around this in their MFi implementation (which is based on BLE).



I just checked with Phonak about a firmware update. They told me it will be available at the end of August. This will allow us, M90, to connect better with more that one piece of equipment by BT. I hope it also works on issues with my iPhone use. Not the greatest.



M90 only?
im goin to get my first HA next week. cause of pricing, my ill go with m70…



will I have to see my audiologist to get that update? or is it something I can do myself?



You will have to visit your Audiologist to have it updated. I would go ahead and call and let them know it’s coming. The last time I went to mine for a few issues, she called and found out that there was an update. Phonak doesn’t call all of the audiologists to let them know. Good luck.

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