Phonak Marvel Bluetooth

Correct! And that’s exactly how my Marvel M90-R works. I’m connecting using an Android Pixel 3 XL phone.

I have the M70-R’s and I’m disappointed in their App’s BLE implementation. BLE can accommodate regular connection with very low power usage, but still when I go into the app it needs to connect to even display the battery levels, and that connection takes 5, 10, 15 seconds (which it also shouldn’t). I would think with today’s technology it could be made to be almost seamless, transparent to the user.

When I had Marvels, it was similar on both of my phones, android and iPhone. Sometimes they connected relatively quickly. Other times, it took longer, such after I turned on BT. I now have Opns and it’s similar to what it was for the Marvels. The connection to the Opns using MFi seems to be almost instantaneous. I think what you’re seeing is just how BLE works. I believe this is because BLE goes into a very low power mode or even shuts off completely with disuse, to conserve battery life. Apple must have done something creative to get around this in their MFi implementation (which is based on BLE).

I just checked with Phonak about a firmware update. They told me it will be available at the end of August. This will allow us, M90, to connect better with more that one piece of equipment by BT. I hope it also works on issues with my iPhone use. Not the greatest.

M90 only?
im goin to get my first HA next week. cause of pricing, my ill go with m70…

will I have to see my audiologist to get that update? or is it something I can do myself?

You will have to visit your Audiologist to have it updated. I would go ahead and call and let them know it’s coming. The last time I went to mine for a few issues, she called and found out that there was an update. Phonak doesn’t call all of the audiologists to let them know. Good luck.

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What did the update do for the Marvel HA? just minor fixes or added possibility to add another device as well as fix some of its bluetooth issues?

There have been a number of posts about the firmware update and also the new MyPhonak App. The firmware update now allows the Roger IN devices to pair with the Marvels. The new MyPhonak App is exceptional. It has all the functionality of the old Remote App and much more. It connects to the Marvels in only a couple of seconds. Adds the ability to create custom settings and save them for recall later (not sure how many you can create but the video from Cliff Olson said he stopped at 30 new programs). Since I never had any problems streaming music or taking phone calls with the old firmware I haven’t really noticed any improvement in those areas but perhaps those who did have problems will notice some improvement??

I too have had the update and I think the new app is super. I thought that the older app was junk but this new app is the best that I have seen. I never had problems with phone calls or music with my aid so I didn’t notice any improvement but I didn’t expect to see one.

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I too just updated with my Audi today, and the new app is a gem, everything seems better, I haven’t tried connecting to 2 bluetooth devices yet, hope it is smoother than before

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So, I’ll just need a single app, the MyPhonak app? I’m to be upgraded to Marvels in about three weeks. When I went to the app store to get a head start, there seemed to be 3 or 4 apps, and I couldn’t quite tell if there were some redundancy, or if I’d need more than one.

For some weird reason, I feel a need to start now with rearranging the apps on my iPhone so that they’re organized properly once I get my hands on the Marvel…finally [I’ve only waited a year…my audi forgot to call me back last October…;-( ]

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That is correct. You will only need the new MyPhonak app (there was a previous version but I believe the App store now only has the new one). When you pick up your new Marvel aids your audiologist should have already updated them to the Marvel 2.0 firmware and he/she should show you how to pair them with the new MyPhonak app as part of you initial setup with him/her. The old Phonak Remote app functionality is now built into the MyPhonak app so you won’t need it either.

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Hi, Is there a sound delay when connected to a laptop?

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O.K. I got the firmware update to my Marvels today and am happy to report that the Bluetooth streaming did seem much better … although not perfect. I would guess that on a 15 minute walk I only had two brief cutouts that were a fraction of a second each … and I can live with that. :smiley:


I just paired a second Bluetooth-enabled device to my Marvels, so now I have both my iPhone X and my iMac paired. Switching from one device to the other now just requires that you “disconnect” one before attempting to “connect” the other … disconnecting on the Mac is easily done from the menu bar. The good news is that both devices are now paired, so at least “forgetting” a pairing is no longer a necessary step to switch between devices. :smile:


Can you check if there are audio delays when playing video on a iMac?

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Just played a movie on my 2019 iMac 5K and had NO audio delay streaming to my Marvels. And streaming music audio from my iMac to my Marvels is a noticeable improvement over listening to music using my Bose stereo speakers mounted just above my desk. Very cool.


And one other thing I just noticed on the MyPhonak app for iPhone … the ability to adjust the balance between streaming and mic volumes (see screenshot below). So, while you are streaming music you can totally mute the mics by moving the slider all the way to the right … or if you want to listen to music but have the mics active to hear others in the room, just move the slider to the left. Also very cool. :sunglasses:Bluetooth


Sounds like an extreme improvement! For me (i haven’t updated yet I will on thursday) when i go out for just a few mins it’s non-stop cuttouts.

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