Phonak Marvel Battery Life - Size 312


I suppose there’s the medical expenses deduction for federal.

@Mark_Chambers: You’re right…notwithstanding current issues. But still…



My hearing aids stream into the Phone Dex landline. It’s awesome. Connect is a better word.



Yep. Looks like Phonak is for sure. But the price of the Marvels now is the same. Go figure. They would probably knock me down a performance level.

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Ok now 312 duration whitout any streaming or Blutooth. 62 hours.
That is opening the battery drawer each time i dont use them. That means 5 days in non continous mode. Is that good or not ?

From what I was told, Phonak says it woorks 81 hrs with 4 hrs of steaming each day. My numbers are very far from that. It’s around 25% less.



I exchanged my M90 312 models for M90-R (rechargeable). I am only three days in with these and haven’t done much streaming yet, but so far after each full day of use (16-17 hours) including around an hour of phone calls and streaming, I have about 60% battery remaining each day!

I was hesitant about getting a rechargeable model again after trying the Costco-provided rechargeable batteries with the KS7 (they only lasted about 13-14 hours for me), but I am very happy so far with these.



I’m running the M90-R, pretty heavy streaming and I’ve killed them twice before the end of the day in the two weeks I’ve had them. I’m on the trial and my audi knows I’m just waiting for the next model with the larger replaceable battery. It was a bummer to miss the last 30 minutes of the movie the other night. On a typical day they go into the charger at 20-25% showing 16-18 hours of use but longer days and a norm for me and I’d much rather pop a battery in every other day than deal with dead hearing aids and a charger. I gotta say though that I’m seriously impressed with what they are getting out of a tiny lithium battery and am pretty confident that my next upgrade will be rechargeable when they get even better.



When you say “pretty heavy streaming”, how many hours do you stream? I’ve had my M90-R’s for 5 weeks and with 3 to 4 hours of streaming I’m still at 40 to 50% when I put them on the charger at the end of the day. I’m extremely pleased with mine. The streaming sound quality is superb.



Is there one coming?



Yes sometime this month. It’ll be a t loop version with size 13 battery.

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I really wish there were stats on the streaming and connectivity and I’m sure the data is there. I also don’t understand the battery impact difference between having my phone and the Marvels connected, but not streaming vs. actually pushing music. Obviously there is some drain in that standby mode, but it must not be too much. Heavy streaming for me is 4-5 hours of music/audio/phone calls, etc. and then 3 hours of TV using the TV Connector. My amplification is pretty high which I’m sure impacts things as well. Replacing size 13 batteries twice a week would be just fine with me if I can use them as much as I want.



I have been using my Marvel M90Rs for about 8 weeks. My first week of streaming was a disaster. They died after about 8 hours. Now they seem to last all day. I don’t know why it would improve over time but they have. I stream from my Samsung phone and the Phonak TV bluetooth device. By themselves they are OK for sound quality. Since I use small domes, I can hear sound from my regular speakers(w/woofer). When I combine both sources the sound quality is fantastic I get the highs from my HAs and the lows from my external speakers.




Not sure, but if one is using the 2.4ghz mode connection and the other is using bluetooth, there will be a significant difference. Bluetooth do consume more juice than the 2.4GHZ mode.!

Also, is the amp small, medium or large for your prescription ? I would assume that make’s a difference in energies consumption … Can some one confirm that please ?



I’ve decided to pass from M70 to M70-R. I’m planning to use it more often with the bluetooth capability.
I’ll keep you posted on my appreciation on that.



Your streaming as much as 8 hours can certainly be problematic for getting a full day with rechargeables. Normal streaming for me would be way less than half of what you’re doing. We have a good quality sound system on our TV and we both are quite satisfied with what we’re hearing with our identical Marvel M90-R’s. Neither one of us has ever dropped below 40% at days end and are more likely to finish the day in the 50% range. So for the way we use our M90-R’s, we’ve definitely made the right choice.



I have the rechargeables, and probably do about 2-4 hours of TV watching in the evening (or at least I have the TV on while doing other stuff). I went on a run the first few days I had them of listening to all the podcasts I had never bothered with before, and drained the batteries at about the 12-hour mark. But a more normal dipping in and out of streamed content and then evening TV has not drained them since. I just put them in the charger every night at bedtime, at the same time I plug my phone into charge.

If I knew I had some big event in the evening I would likely not do much streaming during the day just to be sure I didn’t drain them, but if I were really really concerned about that I’d just bring the charger with me to work and then give them a charging boost in the late afternoon.



Hellboy, (love the name BTW!)
Bluetooth is 2.4 as well, but I know what you mean and agree that they should be way less. My Marvels should just be receiving with a lot less work and no transmitting back in with the TV Connector. That makes me think that the days where I’ve been hardest on the batteries have involved more phone calls over the Marvels vs. straight streaming, regardless of the source. Surely that’s a fair bit more juice to be transmitting my voice back to the phone vs. just receiving.

I was really impressed yesterday that they were both at 25% after 18.5 straight hours in my ears. That included around 4 hours of BT streaming from my phone and about 30 minutes of phone calls. I think I would be fine with these rechargeable versions 90-95% of the time, but I still got the low battery tones just the night before, but didn’t ever run out. Those low battery tones should be a signal: Hey dummy, it’s time for bed or at least time to give your ears a rest!



I’m running the M90-R. I am on streaming calls about 4 hours of the 14-16 hours I wear them a day. I am usually at 25~40% when I put them down for the night.

I found if I leave the phonak app open on my phone, it drains them a bit faster.



I am curious of other M90 users. Is your right HA significantly draining batteries as a norm?

We are rolling out a new platform, so I have been on 8-12 hours long conference bridges in a command center to deal with issues this week.

Yesterday, at hour 12 for the day of use, 10.5 hours of streaming into this conf bridge my right HA went 10% and alerted me. My left HA was @ 60 %. I had to pull the right and charge while I put on a land line headset (not ideal).

From what I understand this is due to the RT HA having to do all the heavy lifting from a tech stand point. In reality, they should have a 40% larger battery in that one LOL.



Zebras - Is the Audeo Marvel you claim will be using a size 13 - the rumored power aid that Phonak has yet to release.? And will the size 13 battery be both disposable and rechargeable?



The size 13 battery will be a Audeo so it’ll be a RIC hearing aid still. Phonak will bring out a BTE hearing aid in a ultra power version some time this year I would say.