Phonak Marvel Battery Life - Size 312




I have the Marvel M70 (amp. Small) and 63 hrs is what I get with 2 hrs top of TV Connector use.
Is that Normal ?



I have the Marvel M90 312 and get 1-3 days of battery life depending on if I stream audio or not. I get roughly the same results with Kirkland, Rayovac and Powerone batteries. It’s disappointing, and I avoid streaming because of it, but the audio quality is great compared to the KS7 (312s lasted about a week) I had previously.


Hello josephm

Thanks for you’re reply.

I use PowerOne and same here It is extremly desapointing and concern for battery life.
Audio quality is kind of good compare my previously own Siemens Pure 7(2013 model)

These Phonak are a technological upgrade, but not for energy comparable.
I am looking to see the battery life if I don’t use any of the wireless communication.(I will update the comparison)

I think I will return mine… 6K$ for not using any of the new features because of battery drain concern !!!


Just as a point of reference, I use PowerOne in my Evoke 440 F2 and they die on the 8th day. So every Sunday morning I pop in a new set and forget about them until the following Sunday.


They are coming out with a Audeo Marvel in February that will use size 13 batteries, might be good for you?



Yes I’ve heard that size matter but maybe not this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That hasn’t changed since three generations of Widex HAs. Very good.


THAT is my dream: just a once-a-week non-event. Augh, but with the Marvel 90 312s I’m on trial with, I get 3.5 days of battery life (only streaming 2 hours of TV each night).

By comparison, I get 5.6 days of 13 battery life on my Audeo B-Directs.

In either case, I have to literally mark my calendar every day I change my batteries. I simply can’t remember what day of the week it was, and wouldn’t want to be caught in a place without my spare batteries.


Does your clinic fit Widex?


@Mark Widex is offred at my clinic


You might try the Evoke 440. They’re working so well for me that you’d have a hard time convincing me that there is something better. But sound is so very subjective that there is just no one size fits all.


I’m going to have to fight to keep my Widex brand as my insurance coverage wants Phonak. I may pay the difference in the end to get the Evokes. All my devices are Widex: phone, Comdex, and remote. This might convince them as they would be obsolete and need to be replaced.


I cant find the listing of products fro Widex… 440 is last year, this year… are they rechargeable ?
Thanks’ !


Sounds like Phonak is giving a discount to your insurance company.


Here in Can. it’s a gov. income tax rebate this year(2018) of 20%.


The Evoke 440 is current technology and came out it April or May. They have a rechargeable but I’m not a fan of them. I want standard batteries.


Just to make sure, the 312 duration is more around 16Hrs * 5 with or without streaming ?


This is the advantage of HA’s like the Marvels…not having to be beholden to the brands’ proprietary devices. But I get that you’re into what you have now.

And @Hellboy: I thought Quebec provided HA’s? Is that a federal rebate/deduction or Quebec?


No they certanly dont… well not for a 51 years Old person.
Has for the deduction, not sure yet. My guess is federal… but i could ask.


I don’t see it as advantageous–for me anyway. I needed a TV streamer with the Alta2 Pro but I don’t need one with these. I hear fine without one. And haven’t needed any Roger devices for complex environments either. Plus based on the connectivity headaches it might be a bit early to talk about any Phonak advantages at all. I was at my audiologist today getting molds and I asked her about her experiences with the Marvel. She just rolled her eyes. Lots of complaints and headaches over the connectivity issues.