Phonak Marvel aids, RIGHT aid not getting signal

Well before replacing anything try on your phone:
Go to settings / apps and notifications/ see all apps/ click on 3 dots upper right “show system”/ then under Bluetooth they will be two Bluetooth for each one click force stop then click “storage and Cache” click clear cache then clear all data ignore warning do this to both Bluetooth listings You may have to pair again,

OK - ALL great tips and tricks! Tamarack9676, it’s like you were looking over my shoulder guiding me through the Bluetooth listings! I did all steps, and of course my Marvels paired beautifully with the Samsung.

I always call Anthem to TEST it out. We all know that there is never a LIVE person at those insurance company lines, and indeed, the voice prompt came through both ears … but only for several seconds.

Same prob happened: RIGHT aid sound was flaky, coming IN and OUT rapidly like a flutter. I also tested these Marvels with my TV Connector, and again, the sound flakes IN and OUT on the RIGHT aid only. So it’s that turkey! I bet it needs a new receiver or something more than a wax guard change.

Armed with all these tests and list of what I’ve done, I’m ready to turn it over to my aud-guy with some helpful notes.

pclewis: I’d be AFRAID to yank my receiver off the RIGHT side and swap it for the LEFT, but I am dying to do just that! Augh. What if that nullified the warranty? Not sure if I have a 2- or 3-year warranty on these.

Well, I’m just SO pleased with all the help here! BLESS y’all and STAY safe till we can all get out safely again. Virtual HUGS!

I use a cork board :pushpin:. Works great.
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OMG. I think I have that pin removal tool. Should I DO IT? I will rumage around and see if I can find it. It looks ridiculously easy to pop the receiver out.

Stay tuned! :upside_down_face:

Have you tried powering off your phone and turning it on again? That would be my first suggestion.

This won’t be a receiver problem so I wouldn’t bother with that idea.

If the restart of the phone doesn’t fix it, then getting your audiologist to check for firmware updates and check the hearing aid’s Bluetooth is working properly, if necessary by sending them in for a service, is the way to go.

Mighty bold talk for a one eyed fat man.

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Yup, I’ve powered off and on the cell phone, un-paired & re-paired my aids multiple times the past few days. It’s that intermittent sound in the RIGHT aid that keeps recurring.

I will definitely ask about the firmware update, but geez, I got one done on 11/30 last year, so it seems odd it would need another one so soon. Naw, I’m gonna put my money on either a faulty RIGHT receiver. Will definitely come back with the final fix in a week or so. I’m assuming they’ll need to go back to Phonak for replacement/repair.

IF it is a receiver, it should be able to be replaced in office. Some people keep spare receivers so they can do themselves.

That would be EXCELLENT! And a welcome quick-fix, too!

If it were a receiver then the hearing aid would only work as a hearing aid intermittently. A faulty receiver isn’t going to affect Bluetooth streaming intermittently without affecting the normal hearing aid working in exactly the same way.

I clearly don’t know what’s wrong with your hearing aid, but to me it sounded that at times it didn’t work no matter what the situation. Whatever it is, your audiologist should be able to determine pretty quickly if it’s a receiver and with any luck, replace it on the spot. If not, turn around time should be around a week.

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Yeah MDB, 2 weeks turnaround in the UK… It would seem COVID-19 and Masks have been a bit of a RIC’s killer of late, stretching the wires when folks are removing their masks, could possibly be a loose wire that is working intermittently? Cheers Kev

If you havent done so already change the wax filter - If not that then a receiver change to see if the wire is faulty and if neither of those two things then likely the aid itself is the issue (perhaps wireless receiver coil inside the body of the aid?) so the clinician would need to send the aid off to the manufacturer for repair, posibly covered under warranty depending on how long ago the devices were purchased :slight_smile:

@1Bluejay Have you tried rebooting the hearing aids (I would do both just to be sure)

To reboot hold the bottom rocker switch down for 15 seconds and then place the aid in the charger until it lights up. ( Usually just a few seconds)


Well Gang! I dropped my aids off “curbside” with my audi today. With luck they’ll come back to me FIXED, no flaky sound on RIGHT side, easy streaming again, and no weird business with using my Polycom speakerphone!

Ah life would return to NORMAL - how rare is THAT? For now, I’m using my older Audeo B-Direct aids, which stream to ONE ear only, augh. Cracks me up how the world of “hearables” (and I mean all HA types) is like half-step forward, ONE step backward. It’s like they never want us to have THE PERFECT SOLUTION to all our hearing needs: stereophonic streaming on phone or hooked up to TV, laptop, etc.; fabulous speech comprehension in NOISE places even; discreet, attractive unit. Ah, I rant.

I must say, I was really impressed with how my aud-guy’s A-Team is PPE’d during these times: face masks that are completely clear - like a giant window! - framed with soft foam that really fits the face snug, so NO virus coming out of that one. Geez, I wish ALL service people interfacing with patients or customers had this kind of face mask! If I had one to use myself, I’d even put lipstick on again!

Whatever, I’ll just be happy to get the Marvels back again, once they’ve been fixed. Will letcha all know the prob, as I’m dying to know myself. :thinking:

Status Update: my audi tells me the Marvels are BACK - I’ll pick them up tomorrow and test out all programs and pairing with my cell phone.

Turns out Phonak replaced the housing, electronics AND receivers in both aids - even tho it was just the RIGHT aid that was flaky. Worth the 2+ weeks in the SHOP if that’s the case, cuz they’d be like brand NEW. I guess that was easier than doing a post-mortem on the RIGHT aid to see what’d gone wrong.

No idea what led to the complete death of my RIGHT aid, but hope that streaming and all that will work like normal again. Perhaps I’d fritzed them using alcohol prep pads? I’m going to avoid that in future.

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This is great! Phonak are good like that! I’ve never sent a hearing aid in for repair but I have sent a Phonak Roger 18 receiver in and Phonak literally replaced everything inside, just kept the housing of the receiver so I basically got a brand new receiver.

I sent some Resound LINX Quattros in for servicing last Sept because one had developed a crackle when at all moist, for example from recently washed hair or a light rain shower. They totally replaced both aids and receivers with new.

WOOOoOOoOoOOOO!!! I am beyond ECSTATIC - like I’ve won the lottery! I got my Marvel aids back today - new case, new electronics and new receivers - like, shall we just call these NEW?

I was able to re-pair them with my cell phone and test out all the programs. Everything’s working good as NEW.

Even better: I just learned that I can connect both the Audeo B-Direct aids and these Marvels to my MacBook Pro WITH NO TV CONNECTOR!

I feel like a donkey and Einstein at once. Donkey cuz for ages, I’ve had my TV Connector dangling off a port on the laptop. Einstein cuz I was just playing around with my older Audeo B’s and lo’ and behold! The laptop FOUND them, so I hit “Connect” and can actually stream audio from my laptop to the aids with NO dingle-dangle hanging out of a port.

Ironically, I’ll be getting a Sennheiser BT dongle today that I thought would replace the TV Connector - when I don’t even NEED a TV Connector. I want to see if I can use that dongle to stream to my hubs’ MacBook Pro. We often watch shows on Youtube together, so that way, he can hear the audio through the laptop’s speakers and I’d be streaming with the dongle. This requires setting up the Sound app on the laptop for Multi-somethingorother…

Life doesn’t get ANY better than this if it all works out … and if not, I’ll return the dongle to Amazon. But WOW! I can actually stream audio through my laptop with nothing but my aids connected via Bluetooth! Check it out y’self!


OK. Just a short postcript here to say that the Sennheiser dongle DOES work on the MacBook pro as I posted in a new thread.

That dongle allows both my husband and I to hear audio on his laptop - I get streamed audio to my aids; he gets the audio through the laptop’s speakers. Instructions on how to use the dongle and pair it with Marvels are in that thread.


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