Phonak Marvel aids, RIGHT aid not getting signal

If ANYONE out there can help me put into words what’s going on with my otherwise “wunerful!” Marvel aids, I’d be SO VERY grateful!

I’ve had these aids for 3 years now. On the phone, they stream in stereo; ditto when used with the TV streamer unit.

Until a few weeks ago, all was working A-OK. Then, it seemed pretty suddenly, they would fall out of streaming with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F Global cell phone. Oddly enough, the phone’s Bluetooth icon would show I’m connected, and under the apps, it would say I’m paired up, but the aids would simply NOT stream into either ear, let alone stereo. On rare occasions, when the aids would stream, I would get FAINT sound in my RIGHT aid only (not even the LEFT one at all). That was worse than listening with no streaming and holding the phone up to my left aid.

That cell phone connectivity went downhill fast, even tho the TV streaming unit seems to still work. Yesterday, I was on a speakerphone call via an older Polycom unit. The right aid simply SHUT DOWN. For brief seconds here and there during my hour-long call, it would flare up faintly, then shut right DOWN again - NO sound whatsoever coming into that aid. LEFT aid (the dominant one?) still working A-OK. I’ve never had that happen before. It’s to the point now, where every time I wear these aids, the RIGHT aid is super flaky with sound. It seems to fade IN/OUT really fast, but very noticeably.

As I peck out a note to my aud-guy (still NO in-person visits as I’m 65+ and not vaccinated), can anyone help me describe what could be going on? Is it a faulty receiver, transmitter, connectivity issue with Bluetooth, all the above? Or do these aids simply need a firmware update? I had one done on 11/30/20, so it seems odd that barely 3 mos later, I’ve got these weird issues with my cell phone.

Any insights here will be fabulous! I plan to call my dear aud-guy on Mon, and drop these off with a note for him to fix on-site or send in to Phonak. FINGERS CROSSED. Luckily, I have an older pair of Audeo B-Directs to wear as backup or I’d be SUNK.

I don’t think I’d feel the need to describe anything in detail other than, “The right aid is shutting down randomly, and it’s getting worse.” If it’s under warranty, it ought to be replaced.

I had a Bluetooth issue with my Marvel’s 70r. Disconnected from phone. It was the phone. New phone, no problem. Your Bluetooth only connects to one aid, usually the right one, the connected one streams to the other one. As for the shutdown problem, have you changed wax guards? Also could be a bad receiver. If you could get your audi to send you a new receiver, they are easy to change. Hopefully this helps.

My aud-guy is SUPER accommodating, so I’m confident he’ll do the needful with these aids. I recently changed the domes, but will look at the wax guard … The fact that sound fades in/out makes me think it’s an electronic problem. I sure hope he can get the aid replaced or repaired cuz I’m not sure if they are still under warranty.

Will keep y’all posted on this!

The right aid is normally the lead aid, left is slave.
Try booting your phone. Maybe un-pair the aids from the phone and then re-pair them.
Good luck with this.

Thanks for that clarification Raudrive! I’d always thought it was the LEFT aid “master”. Feh. I’ve un-paired, re-paired, re-booted both the aids and my Samsung phone. No change in the weird business of RIGHT aid being completely flaky.

It was just so odd that after annoying connectivity probs with my Samsung cell phone the past few weeks, the RIGHT aid completely STOPPED working when on the Plantronics phone call. This is a wireless device that was plugged into my hubs’ Samsung cell phone. My aids are not paired to his phone, nor was his cell phone’s Bluetooth ON.

Like some kind of Twilight Zone that I chalk up to Mercury being retrograde until later this month. Perhaps aliens have taken hold of my AIDS. :alien:

This is selectable in Target. Default is right.
I sure hoped the booting would help. Hopefully someone else can help.
Might be a bad aid???

I’m guessing a new receiver would fix it. That seems to be the most common failure point.

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Going back and reading your first post, I believe MDB has the right answer. Bad receiver.
Good luck.

Easy to test the receiver. Just swap it to the other side and see if it works there.

Amazing how a little wax stops the receiver from working. If you can’t change filters, try cleaning the receiver with a toothpick to see if the sound comes back.

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Well before replacing anything try on your phone:
Go to settings / apps and notifications/ see all apps/ click on 3 dots upper right “show system”/ then under Bluetooth they will be two Bluetooth for each one click force stop then click “storage and Cache” click clear cache then clear all data ignore warning do this to both Bluetooth listings You may have to pair again,

OK - ALL great tips and tricks! Tamarack9676, it’s like you were looking over my shoulder guiding me through the Bluetooth listings! I did all steps, and of course my Marvels paired beautifully with the Samsung.

I always call Anthem to TEST it out. We all know that there is never a LIVE person at those insurance company lines, and indeed, the voice prompt came through both ears … but only for several seconds.

Same prob happened: RIGHT aid sound was flaky, coming IN and OUT rapidly like a flutter. I also tested these Marvels with my TV Connector, and again, the sound flakes IN and OUT on the RIGHT aid only. So it’s that turkey! I bet it needs a new receiver or something more than a wax guard change.

Armed with all these tests and list of what I’ve done, I’m ready to turn it over to my aud-guy with some helpful notes.

pclewis: I’d be AFRAID to yank my receiver off the RIGHT side and swap it for the LEFT, but I am dying to do just that! Augh. What if that nullified the warranty? Not sure if I have a 2- or 3-year warranty on these.

Well, I’m just SO pleased with all the help here! BLESS y’all and STAY safe till we can all get out safely again. Virtual HUGS!

I use a cork board :pushpin:. Works great.
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OMG. I think I have that pin removal tool. Should I DO IT? I will rumage around and see if I can find it. It looks ridiculously easy to pop the receiver out.

Stay tuned! :upside_down_face:

Have you tried powering off your phone and turning it on again? That would be my first suggestion.

This won’t be a receiver problem so I wouldn’t bother with that idea.

If the restart of the phone doesn’t fix it, then getting your audiologist to check for firmware updates and check the hearing aid’s Bluetooth is working properly, if necessary by sending them in for a service, is the way to go.

Mighty bold talk for a one eyed fat man.

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Yup, I’ve powered off and on the cell phone, un-paired & re-paired my aids multiple times the past few days. It’s that intermittent sound in the RIGHT aid that keeps recurring.

I will definitely ask about the firmware update, but geez, I got one done on 11/30 last year, so it seems odd it would need another one so soon. Naw, I’m gonna put my money on either a faulty RIGHT receiver. Will definitely come back with the final fix in a week or so. I’m assuming they’ll need to go back to Phonak for replacement/repair.

IF it is a receiver, it should be able to be replaced in office. Some people keep spare receivers so they can do themselves.

That would be EXCELLENT! And a welcome quick-fix, too!

If it were a receiver then the hearing aid would only work as a hearing aid intermittently. A faulty receiver isn’t going to affect Bluetooth streaming intermittently without affecting the normal hearing aid working in exactly the same way.