Phonak Marvel 90 TV Connector


I am trying to figure out something that I hope is possible.

I have been using my m90s for about 3 months. I have 2 TV connectors. One for living room, one for office connected to my laptop dock. (I now I could do Bluetooth, I just leave it always connected to my phone and stream audio from laptop at work with connector.)

The frustrating thing is having to repair to the connector every time. It only takes a second, it just never fails that I forget. Is it possible to have both paired and it automatically selects the one trying to connect? It isn’t like they are near each other, I could understand that, they are about 20 miles apart.



One solution would be to have one TV connector. You could leave all the connections in place and just disconnect the two connections on the transmitter and take it with you.



Are both of these TV Connectors set up in the Target software to function with your aids?



Doesn’t TraderGary use two tv connectors? One for TV and the other for his computer.



@Raudrive, yes both devices are in Target by serial number. Is there something else I need to do?
Also I do have Target with noahlink to make any changes if needed.



Do a search for “TraderGary tv connector” I will do it too.
He has figured things out.



I think I am wrong about TraderGary having two TV Connectors. He Bluetooths the phone and TV Connectors to his computer.
You might send him a PM. He’s a nice guy.



When you added both TV Connectors in Target, did you get an error of some sort?
I hope you figure it out. I am around the corner from doing the same thing.



Never knew there were issues with multiple TV connectors. That would be a shame if the HA only allowed a single pairing.

As an alternative, when the Marvels get Roger support, you could consider a Roger Multimedia Hub. Then you’d have pairings with three different protocols that shouldn’t interfere with each other. I hate mutliple pairings in BT or anything else. It’s always a world of problems.



I only have one TV Connector. I originally set it up with the TV but Kate and I preferred to listen to our TV without the TV Connector. I then hooked the TV Connector to my computer and like how that works. I can now go back and forth seamlessly between my phone and my computer.