Phonak Marvel 90 Rechargeable low frequency issue

Just bought a pair of these hearing aids but i seem to have an issue with my left aid. Any low frequency sound from streaming or a phone call just devolves into a sound akin to a ripped speaker or similar to a “farting” sound. I do not have the same issue with my right side.

I have the 1s receiver on my left and 1P receiver on my right.

I got the hearing aid checked by my audiologist. the receiver was replaced, sound profile tweaked but still the same issue.

Any idea?

Hi naz! Welcome to the forum.
Consider posting your audiogram so we can click on your avatar and see what you’re correcting for. Click on mine and see my audiogram.
I’ve had my Marvel M90-R since Dec 2018 and have not experienced what you’re describing.


Welcome to the forum.

The left aid may need a M or P receiver due to too much gain or there could be clipping from incorrect programming settings. As Trader Gary said, sharing your audiogram could help us help you. We have pros on the forum who could be more accurate about why your left aid is farting.

Hmmm … I experience that sometimes when my wax guard needs changing. That wouldn’t show up all the time though, so it wouldn’t explain what you’re dealing with.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Once the lock down is relaxed, i’ll get my audiologist to give me the audiogram so i can post it here.

Thanks for the warm welcome TraderGary & Raudrive :slight_smile:


Hi Naz, have you been able to get your left HA fixed.