Phonak marvel 70r infrequent static


Sometimes when I’m on the internet on my phone, I get a very short burst of static through my hearing aids. Doesn’t happen very often, seems to be mostly on the weather channel. First few times it happened, it really startled me. Very infrequent. Doesn’t bother me now. Just curious, does anyone else get this?



I’m presuming you are bluetooth connected to your phone, yes? If so are you sure it’s not a notification of some sort on the phone that’s creating a sort of drop out, drop in connection. That’s what happens with me. I have the 90s.



Yes, connected to Bluetooth. I have notifications turned off .Not really a big deal ,now just slightly annoys me. Only happens maybe a couple or three times a week.



Curiously, do you mean static like a radio in betweeh channels?



Yes, just a quick burst.



I thought I had seen someone post about this!! I just had the same experience with my M50s. I got them yesterday afternoon and didn’t notice anything like that. However I just started to stream some music from my phone (3rd album this morning now) and got a burst of static. Almost sounded like a tinnitus program white noise burst.

edit: also just had another burst of static changing from streaming music to a phone call… that’s going to be annoying if that is an ongoing issue…