Phonak Marvel 312, on day 4


I paid $6K for my Audeo B-Directs, and will pay the same for the Marvels I am on trial with. In NYC, $6.5K is NOT a rip-off!

GEEZ, I would scream invented cusswords if I got notifications via my aids. Like GIT OUTTA HERE! I have an Android, but have installed NO APPS for any aids ever! I simply don’t want the downsides for whatever upside a HA app would provide.

The less we have to interface with cloud computing (and hackers everywhere), the better.


My price and deal on the Marvels almost identical to yours, except I have rechargeable so no batteries. I did get an extra Omni charger, three small cases, the small charger, and the battery pack. Three years full service with replacements (once for each ear).


Here in Gainesville, GA. All premiums top of the line models are 3k a piece(6k a pair) at my Audi with full service for 3 years(all supplies like wax stuff, etc). I just picked up a set of Phonak Marvel M-90-R for 6k with custom hard moulds.


Had you gone the basic route, you would have paid a lot for the audiologists’ services. And, I highly recommend that you use those services. I paid what you paid, but that included the hearing test and have been back for several adjustments based on experiences in different environments. I also go in every 3 months to get the domes changed and discuss how I’m doing in different environments. If your audiologist wasn’t able to answer your question about the phone notifications, I’d worry that you’re not getting your money’s worth.


300 bucks would have gotten me the rechargeables, the charger and a set of batteries every six months. Don’t want rechargeables. I’m getting 7 days out of the 312s


I wasn’t knocking those who want to go with batteries and to be honest I don’t even know what the price difference was between rechargeable or battery Marvel M90 aids. I have read and understand why some will prefer to use battery driven aids but for me I knew from the start that I wanted the rechargeables. All my portable electronics run on rechargeable batteries and that has worked well for me.


Yes I know you weren’t knocking it. Just running over the pricing for whoever is interested.


I just got back from placing my order for the Marvels, though the rechargeables. Supposed to arrive on Friday. Love reading these threads. Thanks!


I saw my audi today. There is definitely an issue with the phone, that is, the mic when making or receiving calls. It barely works or doesn’t work at all. Since no one else reported such an issue, I’ll assume I either got a defective set of HAs or I have an iPhone problem, though the phone is only a few months old. The audi is dealing with someone at Phonak about it and I’ll probably get a replacement. Other than that, after 10 days, I’m very happy with them.

I just got the TV connector today and it works like a charm.

Not to digress, but I want to sell my ReSound TV streamer. The classified section here seems very quiet. Any suggested places to try to sell them?


Ebay for ReSound streamer.


Update on the Mic problem. Phonak support says none of the Apple X’s (including xs) support the Mic. Apple is aware of the problem and is working on it. Bummer.


I have an iPhone X (original X last year model) and it works without dropping . I am on phone calls and Skype calls at least 4 to 6 hours a day


Then I don’t know. Except Phonak said the problem was erratic, which is precisely what I’ve experienced. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. This happened in the audi’s office today also. I’m reaching for straws, but maybe the problem is with the iPhone XS, which is what i have.


I’ve read in other threads about issues with iPhone XS.
Previous models seem to have no issues.

EDIT: see here Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids (long thread :wink:)


I always get HA quotes from other HA dealers (over the phone) before I make a final decision on who to use. Is price the final determining factor? No but it is the “Main Determining Factor”. Some HA retailers won’t quote price over phone - so I say “BYE” and move on. Someone is taking a big risk by not getting competitive quotes from other HA dealers. Also - gsusser you said you gots some good side deals. Well the 3 years of visits, checkups, tests, adjustments, etc. is standard by most AU and is really not a cost factor. Your HA’s warranty should be for at least three years so you should not have to pay out of pocket for service related charges during that time. If you HA dealer is acting like they are going beyond the call of duty to service your aids for three years - leave as soon as possible. Now they can charge for a hearing adjustment maybe after year but most likely if you are happy with HA - you will be being seeing AU that often in the first few years of ownership.

Walking to the hearing special is a big plus but over paying is a big negative.