Phonak Marvel 312, on day 4


A brief background. I am not knowledgeable about HAs and trust and respect my provider’s opinion. He’s an audiologist from NYC working out of an office with several locations. I started wearing HAs 2.5 years ago with Resound Linx. I never liked them much and never really got accustomed to them despite lots of tinkering around. Sound wasn’t clear. It was having a detrimental effect at work where I struggled to hear at group meetings. For that reason, I went with my provider’s suggestion when asked about the best HAs for me. Without hesitating, he recommended the Marvel 312. Fwiw, I don’t believe he had ulterior motives in recommending them.

After a day, I was a believer. On the very first day of wearing them, I attended a large group meeting and sound was infinitely better and I understood every word without struggling. The quality of music (streaming), a major big deal to me, is light years better than the Linx.

I have 2 issues so far though. Notifications from my iPhone go to the Marvel. Notifications never went to the Linx. I get a lot of notifications and it’s annoying as heck. It’s not an Apple issue. The provider is checking with Phonak. Second, I love the phone mic feature, but I find it drops and the caller can’t hear me until I switch to another mode.

Does anyone else have these issues?

Another concern is if I grossly overpaid. A little bit is OK :slight_smile: I had to do a lot of arm twisting to get the office down from $7500 to $6500. My insurance only covers a small amount after deductible. However, there’s a lot of bell and whistles which I’m guessing wouldn’t be available from a discounter. They include 3 years of visits, checkups, tests, adjustments and batteries. Plus the convenience of walking to the office from work. However, I have plenty of time left in my trial if I want to return them.


I don’t think you overpaid considering the convenience and service you’re getting (and that you’re in NYC) Others may disagree.


From my experience your price assuming you got the Premium M90 doesn’t sound too bad. I paid slightly less for mine which are rechargeable but my audiologist was running a December “special” $400 discount on all premium hearing aids and it also included similar options to your package.
For the notifications you can make adjustments in your iPhone settings to eliminate all or some of the notifications you receive and even have timing adjustments (I turn off all notifications from 11 pm until 7 am so as not to get disturbed while sleeping).
Regarding the phone mic I have not had any problems with callers not being able to hear me, even in very noisy or windy conditions. Having true hands free calling and the voice going to both ears is one of the outstanding features of the Marvels I especially enjoy.


You didn’t say what Marvel model, but assuming the top, 90 model, the best price I can find online is $1899 each, with 3 year warranty and loss/damage. So you can do the math and see what they are charging for the services.


I don’t have Marvel but I do have Phonak and I do have a streamer. Yes all the notifications do come in through the streamer into your ears. I have an iPhone and the way I stopped all my notifications like emails, calander alerts and sms etc constantly streaming into my ears was to turn off notifications in settings in my iPhone. I’m not sure but turning my phone on silent and decreasing the volume should also work for the hours your at work. Good luck.


My assumption is that this is just because the HAs are the Bluetooth audio device for your phone. If your phone is on silent mode (ringer switch to off) you shouldn’t get audible notifications through your HAs


Thanks to everyone for the comments.
I’m not thrilled to hear how much more I’m paying than if I went a more basic route, but I am happy to hear that others are satisfied with the model.
It may be a blessing in disguise about not being able to avoid notifications. I find myself looking at my phone way too often nowadays. I’ve become accustomed to looking at every email popup, moves with my opponents on Words With Friends and a zillion other things. I suppose I will go back to life before notifications and shut them off, probably a more healthy way to live, haha.


Again, your HAs shouldn’t be having audible sounds for notifications unless your iPhone ringer is on (switch on the side).

Do you always have your ringer turned on?


Yes. Unless I don’t want to hear anything, including phone calls and texts. It is not a viable solution (for me) to turn off the ringer.


I’m a little confused. What can’t you hear when the ringer is silent? You should still get other audio streaming through your HAs.


What’s the update? How are you liking Phonak Marvel?


I don’t know how apple works, but on my android every bluetooth device has an on/off setting for call audio and media audio. I turn off media audio so that I don’t get notifications in my aids. If I want to stream music, I have to go turn that feature on, then turn it off again when I’m done.

I get my notifications to my smartwatch.


I have Android also and I use that feature occasionally. It is good to have that option. You set that on the Bluetooth screen. Touch the gear for that device and you see Media Audio, Call Audio, and Contact Access. Each can be selected individually.


Another day.
Regarding the notifications, the solution was simple enough. I turned off audio notifications for everything except texts and the phone and I’m happy with that.
Something is screwy with the phone and bluetooth. The connection seems to go off and on for both hearing and speaking with the HAs.
I have autosense on, which was a big selling point for me. But the mode seems to change occasionally when nothing changed in the background. Not a big deal though.
I have the 90. I didn’t realize they were top of the line.
Just like the Linx, these are going to take some getting used to and perhaps fine tuning. At times, I work in a small office with several people. There were times I couldn’t tell who was talking to me… the person next to me sounded like she was behind me like a ventriloquist. I’m not complaining - I know I’m in a transition phase. I’m just wondering if anyone else encountered this issue or the phone issues.


Perhaps someone can enlighten me about prices. As mentioned here, 90-312s can be bought for nearly $4000 less than what I paid, albeit without bells and whistles I assume. I find it hard to justify paying so much more. Are the HAs that are bought from a discounter the same as the ones sold at full retail by an audiologist?

And if I were to buy from a discounter, how difficult would it be to find someone locally (NYC) who can give me the same services I get now, like having them take care of any problem or adjustment? I assume I can go to any audiologist for this. However, can it be estimated how much such services would cost over 3 years? I get the bells and whistles for 3 years from my current audiologist.

Apologies for terminology and dumb questions.


I don’t think you overpaid. I’m in the Washington DC suburbs and paid $5600 for ReSound’s then-top-of-the-line RIC aids, including one year of support, not three years like you’re getting. Here is my redacted invoice:

It sounds like you’re happy with what you’ve gotten, and with the service and convenience, other than some quirks with the aids themselves. There have been some threads here about discounters. All is not rosy in that world. Only you know how much weight to give to the possible savings. But I think the price you paid was fair, in the retail hearing aid market of today.


You can, probably, save some money, at the expense of time and trouble, and possibly at the expense of results. Having a pro to work with who can get everything out of the hearing aids, is worth a lot! It would be major time and effort to replace those services a la carte.

Knowing what the hearing aids could be sold for, without services, just lets you know what those services are costing you. I don’t think it is too much, but only you can decide that.


I think your math is a little off. I think you paid $6500. The quoted best price was just shy of $1900 per aid, or $3800 per pair, so a $2700 difference. For this difference, you’re getting an audiologist you presumably know and trust, good results and worry free service and convenience for 3 years. If you went the bargain route, you could be guaranteed less convenience and run a real chance of bad results. If the money isn’t a huge issue, I’d consider it a worthwhile luxury, obtained at a fair price.


I didn’t realize the price I was looking at was per ear, not a pair. I can’t get used to that. That being said, I can now rest in peace that I got a decent deal. I’ve been going to the same office and mostly seeing the same guy for over 2 years. He knows me well and I get top notch service. I would hate to lose that.
Thanks for the responses.


FYI I paid $6200 for the Evoke 440 F2 (Widex top aid) and with it get a 3 year warranty period in which I get domes, batteries, cleaning every six months, and a one time loss replacement for each ear for $300 and the all the adjustments required for that whole period. And she is a terrific AuD with the patience of Job with whom I’ve been with for 3 years. I have absolutely no complaints.