Phonak Marvel 2.0 & Fall 2019 info


Is Marvel 2.0 an upgrade of the existing Marvel (firmware update), or is it a new device?



Likely a firmware update (at the very least bringing the promised RogerDirect and hopefully more), as well as a power marvel and pediatric marvel.



That’s my “concern” as I’m at the end of my trial on the 19th. I need something more definite to leak out otherwise I’m going to return my M90s and wait until an official announcement occurs. I’m not going to lay out $4400 only to have a new device come out a few days later.

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We have only seen the Audeo Marvel. What about the BTE, power and children’s Marvel aids? I would expect them to be out before a new generation of Phonak aids hit the market.



Do you not have access to a Costco? They are selling the KS9 which is essentially the M90 for $1500 a pair. You would have 6 months to return them if the M90 2.0 is worth paying the $4400.



Tried them, didn’t like them. However, it’s likely the way they were setup. That’s one of my possible plans. I was able to see the Target screen and noticed only a single automatic program vs 2 on the M90. Also noticed different naming conventions for the programs and I think there were a couple less. Going to speak to the AuD that I use for the M90s tomorrow. Will also speak with the Costco person to see if he can just “clone” my M90 setup, granted it won’t be exactly the same. At least it will be more apples to apples.



I think phonak will release Bolero M and several bluetooth devices, including a bluetooth receiver for CI.



i guess i don’t see the updates to the M90 as not applying to what you would get today. it’s purely software update. there’s no way they are going to change the RIC marvel. the only thing they’re going to release for marvel RIC is that they will finally launch the rechargeable version of the t-coil that has been on their website since the beginning. for them to change the RIC model otherwise so shortly after a release would be a very strong deviation from phonak’s normal.

i have the 13-T version of M90 and love them as is. i see the updates that are coming as further enhancement of the aid from maybe bluetooth and apps standpoint, but not really improving its most important job which is hearing - and for its most important job, it does it remarkably well.

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Marvel 2.0 RELEASED! Looks like rogerdirect and a new app, kids version, and power version. AND TWO BLUETOOTH DEVICES!



It’s not a power version. It’s a BTE M - which covers just a moderate to severe loss. It looks like a 6 to 12 months wait for the BTE P or BTE SP aids. Unless they surprise us and bring them out in October.



FYI - Target 6.1 update is available in the existing Target app.

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I cant find new apps on Appstore. How can I install them? @focusandearnit



When will the audiologists be able to do the firmware upgrade? Are there instructions available on how to pair with two separate bluetooth devices? Right now I am automatically paired with my iPhone and also the TV Connector. Does this mean I can also add my laptop without losing the other two??



Appears that Phonak Remote has not yet been updated on the Apple Store. (As of August 19th 2:00 pm.)

I updated Target to 6.1 and was able to update the firmware on my Marvel M90Rs.

Can no longer use the Phonak Remote app though. Says “incompatible”.

Presumably there will be an update to the IOS app soon.

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I just read the release and found the answer to my question:

“With the optional TV Connector, Marvel wearers can also stream high definition audio from their TVs directly to both hearing aids while keeping two Bluetooth slots open for their other devices”.

Really wasn’t a problem for me before but now I will connect my laptop additionally.



The TV Connector doesn’t count for the Bluetooth devices. Like a phone, laptop etc.



Dr. Cliff Olson just released a video about Phonak Marvel 2.0

I’ve been watching the Google Play Store and as of this minute I still don’t see the Phonak 2.0 app or an update to the current app.

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They’ve also released a remote control for the Phonak marvel. Huge deal for me. Gosh, phonak is about to get more money from me. Damn.



Are you talking about the update to the phone app? They are combining two previous apps into one.



Nope: a physical remote control for Marvel.