Phonak Marvel 2.0 & Fall 2019 info

Do the new titanium domes have wax guards? Are they custom domes? As you know, I have frequency lowering. I just got my marvels 90s with silicone domes, and regular batteries. But no wax guards. I was told just to brush off the tips. I spoke with Phonak VA help a few days and they made a few suggestions to discuss with my audiologist. But no mention of the new titanium domes or the so-called new M receiver. Any ideas or suggestions, please.

Not sure why this is directed to me, but I’ll do my best. I’m basing answers based on this:

The titanium “slim tips” are listed under custom earpieces. They are listed as having wax guards, although it looks like “without” is an option. I think in general it’s reasonable to just brush off the tips. If you notice a decrease in sound, return to VA and they’ll likely change out waxguards. If it happens frequently, I imagine they’ll give you some. How are they working for you? Any specific problems or notable improvements compared to previous HAs?

If you’re using RIC with any kind of molds, aren’t the wax guards built into the receiver?

And if you’re using BTE with the receiver in the HA, you can flush wax out of the tube (and the vent) with the monofilament they give you with the tubes.

Dears , i would appreciate if some one can kindly update me firmware version number for marvel 2.0. As i have mentioned, i can see the current firmware update on HA device but i am not sure if this contain Latest MARVEL2.0

Apparently my HA provider did my 2.0 upgrade, but never set up any customized programs for me. I’ve only been using AutoSense up to now. I can see that the default Factory Installed programs (e.g., Restaurant, Music, TV) have different settings for Noise Reduction and Speech Focus. What I want to know if there is a way for my HA provider to program my HA to change programs by clicking ON the HA instead of having to go into the app. I used to do that with my old HA and found it very convenient. Anyone know?

Absolutely can change programs with HA button

I had my audiologist add an additional 3 programs when I first got my M90-R. I found it cumbersome to have to cycle through all the apps every time I wanted to alternate between Music and AutoSense OS 3.0. I’m satisfied after 9 months that AutoSense OS 3.0 does what it is supposed to and really does automatically select the best program for the situation I’m in. I found I really only used one program, Music, when playing my piano or listening to live music. I’ve since had all the other programs removed except for music and now, when I long press the Volume UP Button, I simply cycle back and forth between Music and AutoSense OS 3.0. This works great for how I use my M90-R.


I have discovered that the firmware update has also eliminated all of the outdoor iPhone audio streaming cutouts that I had previously. In order to eliminate all my cutouts, however, I did have to “forget” the Bluetooth pairing for the aids and then re-pair once the firmware was updated :smiley:.

Unfortunately it has not eliminated all outdoor Android streaming cutouts. There is still quite a few cutouts.

Yes 1.2.8 is the latest.

Despite being called the “Marvel 2.0” the firmware is 1.2.8 LMAO

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I have experience with RogerDirect and Roger iN.
What do you want to know?

My comments were in response to @haggis so really didn’t have anything specific in mind. Since you ask though, what’s the process like for installig the Roger iN licenses? What kind of equipment is used?

No extra equipment is required other than a small pin tool.

The iN microphone has two Roger receiver installations onboard. These virtual receivers are transferred to the host hearing aid after the hearing aid is put into pairing mode (I.e. reset) and a small button is pressed on the iN microphone. Only one virtual receiver can be transferred at a time, and the process can be reversed if you need to remove the virtual receiver from the hearing aid.


Neat! So if you managed to purchase a Roger iN device, your audiologist is not needed to set it up?

Nope, you could do it without them provided you have the Marvel 2.0 update.

The only other reason why you might need an audiologist is if you want to change it from automatic activation. By default it will automatically activate the Roger program within your Marvel hearing aids when the microphone is switched on. If you didn’t want this behaviour you’ll need to have your audiologist change this to one of the two manual modes.


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Thank you!

Question: are the two “virtual receivers” for each of L and R hearing aids, or does one virtual receiver do for a pair of aids?

One virtual receiver per aid.


What is the firmware number of Marvel 2.0?
My audiologist said I have the latest update on Marvel M70, but still can’t use the advanced settings on MyPhonak app :confused:

The latest firmware should be 1.2.8

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Thanks! Can you try with one hearing aid to see you can still use advanced settings on MyPhonak app?