Phonak Marvel 2.0 & Fall 2019 info


I’m starting this topic for people to drop any findings about Marvel 2.0 and upcoming Phonak Fall 2019 info in one place.

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Found this today.

Mentions Bluetooth management confirming earlier comments regarding pairing to at least two devices.

New MyPhonak app

Target 6.1



Wish I could bop out to Calgary this fall!

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German roadshow, no details really, seems Roger announcement is a big deal

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Disappointing. There is no mention of the custom Marvel. Where is it?

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These are NOT the product announcements yet. They are simply announcements about presentations. Curiously, what do you think the custom Marvel is? I haven’t seen anyone bring that up but I guess you have.



Sorry, don’t understand your question.

I am waiting for the release of the Marvel in a custom form factor i.e. CIC/ITC.



You answered my question, I had no idea what you meant by custom. Makes sense now. Thanks.

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The 2.0 update has been discussed here. Word is it’s the Roger direct feature. At least that is the rumor.



Yeah, this has been discussed but it’s all over the place. It’s been mentioned in the KS9 thread, other threads, etc. Roger seems to be a big part of the upcoming announcements if you look at the German link.



My wishes/thoughts of what to come:

  1. give us (or the audi) the option to disable hands free and just stream the audio of the phone call to the aid (and use the mic on the phone for the phone call, like how made for iPhone does it)… probably won’t happen because they think hands free is the best thing since sliced bread, but it is hardly reliable when in anything close to a noisy environment or around others speaking while on a call

  2. more bluetooth connections. actually surprised to hear that this may actually happen?

  3. for the love of God phonak, please update your “remote” app to have more functionality. it’s an embarrassment

  4. obviously rogerdirect will be coming.

  5. it looks like a power aid with marvel functionality will be added along with a kids version of Marvel?



I sure like items 1 and 5.
I can see select-ability with item 1 in Target. Phone/hands free.

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Agree with 1.

2 I’m 99% sure is happening and hopefully it’s implemented well. Aludes to setting a preferred connection which automatically means at least 2.

3 is a maybe. It is truly pathetic as is. It looks like they might be eliminating Remote and folding it into MyPhonak. It could mean simply moving the pathetic functionality of Remote into MyPhonak. Hopefully it’s not just that… I’d love to see what program is being run in the automatic programs so I can see what is acting wacky e.g. outside air conditioner going from ok to amplified within a few seconds of walking outside.

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Not this one. Generally IIRC Phonak does pediatric and power lines after the RIC, custom release comes later. I haven’t heard whether it will be next spring or next fall.

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Thanks for the heads up. It’s going to be a long wait. OPN custom did not appear I think for at least 2 years after the RIC.

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what makes you say 3 is happening?



Click the link in the 2nd post. Scroll down below the entry form.

“Learn about the new all-in-one myPhonak app”



that’s not the remote app that changes the program on the aid. the myPhonak app is the app that connects you to your audiologist for adjustments remotely



You’re correct. So I’m changing my definitely to maybe as it states “all in one” app although unfortunately that might just mean they’re putting the weak functionality of Remote into MyPhonak.



ah, i understand. it would make sense for them to not have so many apps. fingers crossed this brings them together with improved functionality.

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