Phonak M90 hearing aid now generating feedback

Maybe two nights ago… for sure last night…I noticed a definite change in the left aid giving feedback. It’s clearly different than it used to be.

Two things seem to set it off… Sounds from the TV will start it…a couple times it started continuous and wouldn’t stop

And putting my hand up just near my ear will give loud but momentary feedback.

Putting my hand near and against my right aid will give an ever so slight momentary feedback sometimes, but it is VERY slight…barely there.

The left aid has always given me a tad bit more than the right, but it’s different now for sure. Much more noticeable.

Tonight I just pulled out my magnifier and gave them both a good brush off even though I don’t see anything obvious. I do feel like the rear facing mic holes might be a bit dirty, but that’s on both sides. I also replaced the wax stop things even though they looked clean…and replaced the domes, even though I don’t see anything wrong.

Neither of those seemed to do anything to help.

I’ve had these things for about a year now and it’s definitely different.


Have you lost weight?
Sure sounds like the domes are not sealing youe canals like they used to. Do you have the next size bigger domes you could try?

no, sadly just the opposite…I’ve gained a little.

and I have open domes. I’ve even experimented in the past with no domes & I don’t recall anything different.

You have really nice aids that have great feedback controls.

The feedback is caused by sound from the receiver getting out of the canal back to the microphones of the aid. Either feedback manager needs to be ran or you need domes with less leakage.

I had emailed my audiologist about it last night, thinking I might need to go in for a visit…
she replied that it might be ear wax.
I asked my wife to have a look with her otoscope…sure enough!
I flushed it out…and so far I think it’s better. too early to say for sure, but I’m fairly confident.

How does that work?!? the blocked ear canal must make the sound bounce out more… very interesting

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From his first post. I would think adaptation has passed long ago if the aids were set up that way.

yeah, I have no idea really…I know there is some sort of automatic feedback reduction thing …

Honestly I wish I had a printout of the settings…listing what’s on, what’s off, or what the value is for each thing. She’ll tell me and is open about discussing what she’s setting…but I get the feeling this is one of those hold close to the vest sort of old school hangups. Part of me wants to get the software for self programming…

regardless… yes, it’ll be one year this month, and it’s been several months since my last appointment. I want to say the last time I went in…and so the last time that she changed anything was December 11…so basically 7 months
and they have pretty much been in autosense mode that whole time… I NEVER change programs except to use T-coil in church but that hasn’t happened in a long time due to the pandemic…
and I have rarely ever changed the volume…pretty much only when streaming music.
so, whatever autotuning they do is probably set pretty firm I’d guess…

Anyway, I’ll have to see if the TV sets them off tonight, but I’m fairly sure it was the wax reflecting the sound back…which is crazy to me.

Not really, this is the #1 cause of progressively worsening feedback in our practice.

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