Phonak Lyrica?

Does anyone have experience with Phonak Lyrica? I have received two letters from an audiologist recommending that I consider the Lyrica. I am not wearing aids at all now, but I know I need them. I tried Widex BTE a couple of years ago and was not happy. I returned them and have not worn aids since then.

No one has responded to my question, so perhaps Lyrica is too new to be evaluated or maybe I asked the wrong question. After trying one set of hearing aids and being disappointed, perhaps I am too sensitive about going back and repeating the same mistake or trying the same style again. I keep hoping something will come along that is better suited to my hearing loss (high frequency).

Hi, I think your referring to the Lyric. If you do a search of these forums here you’ll find a ton of posts discussing their pros and cons.

is is the Lyric aid, phonak bought the company now it is rebranded

A friend of mine tried the Lyric’s and didn’t like them or the cost of them. He stopped his trial and ended up with Oticon Agil Pro’s BTE’s and really likes them, prior to the Agils he has worn ITC or CIC for over 20 years. Just because you didn’t like the Widex BTE’s doesn’t mean there isn’t a hearing aid out there that you will like. Good luck!

Yeah, Lyrica is a heavily-advertised prescription drug for nerve pain in conditions such as post-shingles infection, fibromyalgia, diabetes.

You’re asking about the Lyric hearing aid. We’ve had some very long discussions about it, including


and (the longest thread, but note the dates, as this thread started several years ago). It’s been a key of many shorter discussions, all found with the Search button above.

Some users love Lyric and feel it’s worth every penny. (Long-term, it is probably the most expensive hearing aid option.) For them, advantages include its relative invisibility to others, convenience of not having to fuss with it, and painless and effective performance for them. Others hated it for reasons including pain and/or infections and poor performance for them, as well as the cost. This one is very much a Your-Mileage-May-Vary experience. If the cost is not a barrier for you, it may be worth the free 30 day trial which they will honor if you want to walk away after that, although the first 30 days do count in your first annual subscription fee if you decide to keep them.

Many thanks to those who responded. Every post and suggestion was helpful to me. There is so much that I do not know, and I am sure my questions are overly simplistic, but I consider and try to benefit from every response from those of you with more knowledge and experience.

Seb - Interesting, because I have just returned from a visit to Houston where I saw a highly recommended ENT. He recomended the Oticon. I am back home and plan to look into it.

I’ve been reading the forum for a while. This is my first post. I had Phonak in the ear for a couple of years, moved “up” to Widex Passion in January 2009 for 6k and have been miserable until the Lyrics. The background noise while wearing the other HA was absolutely overwhelming. The sound of my voice was horrible. I can honestly say that wearing the Lyrics is the closest thing to having “normal” hearing that I’ve experienced in a very long time. So far so good. I am very pleased!!!

My mom tried them but they made her ears hurt. I was going to try them also but I got nervous. The trail was free for 30 days, but after that, it costs much more then a regular hearing aid. It is kind of nightmare, that you can’t take it out by yourself. But, if really want invisible hearing aids, no one can tell you are wearing them at all. You can’t swim with them on for some reason, and I like to swim sometimes.

The Lyric is an interesting concept but unfortunately very limited. The instrument is analogue with only 1 channel…this is basically technology from early 90’s (does not have any fancy digital signal processing) which they have shrunk and made into a tiny package. So I would stay clear and use the same money to buy a good RIC or BTE product which is fully digital.