Phonak Lyric

Hi this is my first post, great forum.

Has anyone had issues with the Lyric working it’s way out of your ear? I am 5 days into a 30 day trial and find these hearing aids amazing. My only concern at the moment is that the right one is working it’s way out of my ear.

Not a common issue. It probably wasn’t fitted properly. Your right ear may need one size larger than your left. If you look at Lyric’s instructions that came with the aids or on their website, I think you’ll see you should not be trying to push it back in to the proper depth. I know that nobody other than a Lyric audiologist should reinsert it if it does come all the way out. This is the kind of issue a Lyric audiologist would want to hear about and deal with sooner than later so don’t wait. I’m not saying get him or her out of bed on a Saturday night but call Monday if the office is now closed.

Thanks I will contact him first thing Monday AM.

Now in the 2nd week of my Lyric trial and have tried 2 different sizes of Lyric in my right ear. The HA is working it’s way out in a few hours, left side is perfect. Has anyone experienced this, I’m beginning to think I can’t be fit for the Lyric.