Phonak Lumity StereoZoom and Speech in Loud Noise

I’ve added “Speech in Loud Noise” as a selectable program within Target. This shows up in the MyPhonak app which I then rename as Stereozoom. I use this in Restaurant type situations and find it helpful if I don’t have my PartnerMic or Roger Select with me, or just prefer to select this program instead.

Stereozoom does not appear to function in any of the other sub programs except, I assume, in Automatic if the AI within Automatic blends it in along with SpeechSensor and environmental sounds.

It is very noticeable when you’re talking to someone and you turn your head away from them so use StereoZoom this way at your own discretion, lol.

I had it as a manual program but I only have Marvel.

I didn’t find it very good, things went way too quiet and found it really hard to hear speech so I deleted the program.

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Speak in loud noise is the only manual program I still have (currently). I find it very helpful, but the automatic does not always kick in when I need it to.

Yes, I had also noticed that it is a bit too quiet. Always had to manually turn it up louder.

Have then corrected after 1 week with Auto-Adjust. Now the volume is perfect.

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My understanding is that StereoZoom/“Speech In Loud Noise” doesn’t “blend” with other programs. When it’s active both left and right hearing aids essentially act as a single 4-microphone beamformer with the output sent to both ears. This is supposed to provide more directionality/better rejection of background noise, but has the drawback that you’re effectively hearing in mono.

I have it as a manual program on my Audeo P70s and in limited experience so far I have found superior to the regular noise setting in certain situations, but would not want it as an automatic program. Like @platypus I see it as an alternative if I can’t or don’t want to use my roger mic.

StereoZoom 2.0 is supposed to be better somehow but as is typically the case Phonak is vague on specifics.

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The way Dr Cliff Olsen describes it is that StereoZoom 2.0 zooms more slowly so that it doesn’t just snap on or off. I can’t tell either way in AI (which means it probably is working slowly). But because I don’t like the generally muffled occlusion that happens in Automatic I’ve disabled Speech In Loud Noise in Automatic but have it for when I want it as a selectable program (as stated above in an earlier comment). This is working out well for me.

So, for example, in a crowded bar with music playing, and I’m playing pool, with speech in loud noise/StereoZoom ON I’m better able to hear my pool partner, and block out the background rabble.