Phonak Linear vs. Semi linear compression

Hello everybody. I’m testing a Phonak P90 and in the last query we switched to semi linear compression. I noticed a pretty big improvement, there are less distortions and the ambient sound is almost as I remember it. My question is, will switching to linear compression be even better? What do I miss in a linear system? My deafness is basically conductive and I read somewhere that for conductive deafness the more analogous the better.
At the moment I have a Widex Moment but as I have a completely deaf right ear I need a cross and the moment cross is not good, when you turn on the cross all the noise reduction disappears. Can anyone who uses Phonak cross tell me if it works well?
Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Linear is better for conductive losses.

Some fitting formulas on Target don’t seem to work with conductive loses.

Conductive losses need more gain than SN losses. I’m pretty sure mixed losses also need more Altho not 100% sure.

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Wonderful post. I appreciate your questions, and Zebras answers.