Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Unnecessary to unpair from the app. I leave the app running on the phone. I gave my procedure earlier in this thread. Just recycle the control side when re-pairing.


Day 3 with my Marvel 90-13T’s.

Still shocked by the richness of music. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Bluetooth isn’t as rock solid as some claim here. It’s stable enough. Today, I had a phone call just stream to my R ear.

I wish it would not ring in my ear. I was in surgery today and the phone was ringing, and it was pretty disruptive. I’m scrubbed in a sterile environment, I can’t touch my phone or hearing aid in this moment, I would have to break scrub. I had to let it ring and hope another call didn’t come in.

Speech in noise. The clarity is superior to ReSound. I actually walked into the operating room today and just got straight to work before the case began, and I realized after quite a while that I hadn’t switched a mode. AutoSense OS 3.0 subtly but very efficiently cut out my dreaded background noise so well I didn’t realize I was in one of my most challenging environments. Bravo, Phonak. This is how hearing should be.

Rogers work great via Roger MyLink telecoil.

There’s been a handful of situations where I’ve heard worse – namely, quiet environments. Again. Same issue with Quattros. Audi tomorrow. We’ll see – I am hopeful. Too early to commit to these, but I am flirting with it. :wink: I plan to do a full write up comparing the Quattros to the Marvels. My takeaway so far is that the Marvels are “smarter” hearing aids. They know what I need without me having to manipulate them nearly as much.


The Roger Pen will connect to the Marvels in the fall and the Roger Pen can pair to many and connect to two at one time. That sort of solves the problem with the Marvels. The Compilot 2 would be better, but the Roger Pen sounds like a big connectivity advancement for the Marvels.


I don’t get it. I thought the Roger Pen is basically a directional mic type device, isn’t it? It also pairs with Bluetooth devices and send streaming data to the hearing aids? Doesn’t that basically act as an intermediary streaming device like other hearing aid brands/models have? Doesn’t that take away the direct streaming advantage of the Marvel for Android devices? I thought that that was the main selling point of the Marvel.


I’m so happy for you! I’m glad your hearing experience is better, and also in FULL agreement about the rich streaming sound that I did not get from Quattros streaming. It is a huge experiential difference. I know I got “testy” up thread about that, but the difference was dramatic in my experience.

ETA that I too have occasional phone streaming issues into only 1 ear


Yes, and connects to phones. It would be a way to have the latest chip, software, Autosense 3, and get the connectivity advantages of a separate device. You wouldn’t have to use it all the time, just at work or when you knew multiple devices were an issue. You would still have the ability to direct connect when just one device was involved.


Maybe you didn’t read my words which you quoted, “For me, the Marvels were unusable.” I’ve never once said or implied that Marvels are unusable for you or anyone else. In my opinion, they are an unfinished and poorly tested product, but if they do what you need, fill your boots. I’ve been careful all along to state that for my situation, the Marvels were unusable, and I’ve backed up my opinion with specific reasons why. I have never once told anyone that they are imagining the Marvels are working well for them.

I’m amazed at how sensitive some people in this thread are about these hearing aids, as if Phonak is the only company that makes hearing aids. This thread is not a pro-Phonak Marvel echo chamber. Dissing Marvels is not a personal attack. Describing problems with Marvels is not misinformation. I’ve previously owned both Oticon and Phonak. I have no loyalty to either company. I purchased the Marvels and discovered that they have significant connectivity limitations. I went out of my way to provide feedback to Phonak, but their response was to give excuses about how hard it is to make a bluetooth device. Before I returned the Marvels, I got a pair of Opns. I objectively evaluated both and selected the Opns, even though they would cost more than the Marvels.

In response to you, just because the Marvels work for you doesn’t mean they will work for everyone. Your use-case is specific to you.


Would your Roger Pen stream to your amplified stethoscope if connected? This is an option I am
considering with the pen lanyard around my neck.


Daryl, our posts have devolved into a rather silly pissing contest. :slight_smile:

Marvels didn’t work in your use case and if you read the forum they actually do work quite well for the majority of users. I think your last sentence sums it up and I’m in total agreement with it.

Allow me to rephrase your sentence.

In response to you, just because the Marvels didn’t work for you doesn’t mean they won’t work for everyone. Your use-case is specific to you.

Let’s shake hands and stop the silliness. We’re all here trying to make HA’s work for our individual needs. Next time you’re in Atlanta let me know and I’ll buy you a beer! :wink:


May I ask, as I am now looking for my new HA’s, I consider Phonak, Resound and maybe Oticon. Can you please report in more detail your experience with Marvel vs Quattro? Really looking forward to your planned write up !


Does it get resolved on its own?


When I try to pair through my App with my nokia 3, it does not work. Only when pairing directly with my phone only one side gets connected.
On another phone, the Remote app recognizes both hearing aid devices, but…it does not want to connect:


It would work in theory. I use a normal stethoscope because I have largely persevered low frequency hearing.


I certainly will write more in detail. I need some more time. I’m trying to better understand how AutoSense OS 3.0 works (meaning the triggers that get the HA to switch into the different modes), and optimize those modes for my normal day life with my audiologist as well as through some small adjustments on my own since I have the fitting software and noahlink wireless.


looking forward to it! My plan is to test Marvel en Quattro first…


No it stays that way for the call. It happened last night but my phone was pretty far away when I answered. I just switched the audio to go through my phone.

ETA, I got up from the recliner and found my phone


But usually phone calls are streamed to both ears?


yes. It’s only happened once for me.


I wish I had more residual low frequency for that.



I’ve had a phone call only to one ear a few times. It isn’t a game stopper for me, just an annoyance