Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



You can ask for the tones to be turned up. I’ve got my right as medium and my left as loud. I’ve also got my left to be high tone and my right to be low tone.


I picked up my Marvel devices today, and have the same issues. Only the right one can be connected as a Bluetooth device to my phone. But the Remote app does not recognize any of the phones. When I try to pair my Bluetooth device, only one device shows in the Bluetooth list (the right one).

My next appointment is in some two weeks. I hope it can be fixed (which I assume it can since others here confirm it should work as stereo headphones).


This is exactly how they should work! Only the Right HA connects to your phone. Then the Right HA talks to the left HA and supplies it with the Left stereo sound. I’ve had my Marvels for over two months now (love them) and I had the same concern until my Audi explained everything.

There’s nothing that needs to be “fixed” as your Marvels are working exactly as they should. Simply pair with the Right HA and you will have stereo in both ears! Trust me, you’ll love it! :sunglasses:

I have an Android Google Pixel 3 XL phone and Marvel M90-R’s.


Mine was originally paired with the right side aid, but both showed up on the app and I could stream to both. Kind of instant relay I guess. I had it changed to the left side because of an ear infection, but when I was cleared to use both aids they both show on the app and I get streaming audio in both.


I have to admit I’m hesitant on going back to iPhone because they work so well for me. I seem to recall pairing both aids with my phone’s bluetooth before using the phonak app.


As for hearing phone calls in both ears… I hear all phone calls I’ve made via the bluetooth connection between my Samsung Galaxy S5 and my Phonak Marvel hearing aids though both ears. Really have never had any problems with the connection staying connected. No one has complained at all about the sound they get on the other end of the phone call.

As I understand it. Phonak does this, on Android devices, by connecting to a single hearing aid, and then after they’ve connected, they force the sound to come put on both hearing aids ( if you wear two). So, maybe that’s were some of the confusion comes in… Either way, I for sure get sound out of both of my hearing aids when making calls via bluetooth.


I am a big critic of phonak for claiming connectivity with any device while in reality it cannot be paired with multiple device. But other than that the marvel is awesome.
How does the opn work with iPhone? Why do you have the connect clip? Does that mean you can only hear from the phone and you have to talk to the phone mic? And if you need true handsfree then you need a connect clip? Ahhh if it is true then that’s some obsolete tech for me. I won’t even think a second about going back to that tech after using Marvels.


the thing is that I only hear in the right ear, not in th eleft.
I have tested for example with this:

How can I force the hearing aid to 'forget" previous pairings?


If, after pairing, you hear only in the right ear, then you are correct, something is wrong. If the Marvels are working correctly you should be able to simply “pair” and then hear with both ears. Does this issue also happen with telephone calls?


Yes, I just received my first phonecall, and only in the right ear I got the voice.
the phonecall went very well apart from that.


I have no complaints about the Marvels or the Opns as hearing aids. I’m not sure if I would be able to tell the difference. Connectivity was another matter altogether. The connectivity of the Marvels has two major problems, single-pairing and frequent drop-outs. To a lesser degree, the input audio is poor, but I would have lived with that, were it not for the other problems, which are show-stoppers. Phonak offered no fixes for any of the problems. Basically all they did was say that bluetooth is hard.

Connectivity for the Opns works quite a bit differently from the Marvels.

First, you can pair them with multiple devices (supposedly eight). I have them paired with my laptop, an iphone and an android phone. I normally leave BT on on all of my devices. I can adjust the volume or monitor the batteries using either of my phones, irrespective of which device I’m using. Switching from one device to another is done by turning off BT on the devices you don’t want it connected to and turning on BT on the device you want it connected to. As soon as the switch is done, you turn BT back on. They will stay connected to whichever device they are connected to, as long as it stays in range. I have walked into another room (from my laptop and they have stayed connected.)

Second, streaming is output only. For the iphone (MFI), streaming to the Opns is direct. Input is either using the iphone microphone or the connect clip. Because the iphone does not require the connect clip, it is always connected, even if the connect clip is connected to another device. This means, if they are connected to my laptop, I can make a call with the iphone without interrupting the connection to the laptop. Since my iphone is my work phone, this is very handy. For android or the laptop (BT), streaming out and input is through the connect clip.

I would prefer to not have the connect clip. However, if the choice is between the Marvels and the Opns, I would rather have a connect clip that works than no connect clip with all of the limitations of the Marvel. Also, I use skype for several hours per day. I have had no complaints about the input audio from the connect clip, but my colleagues complained about the audio from the Marvels. They said it sounded like I was in another room or talking through a tunnel. Also, in hours and hours of skype use since I got them, the Opns have not dropped out or interrupted a single skype meeting. With the Marvels, I could not get through a single meeting without being interrupted at least a few times. Sometimes they would disconnect and not reconnect, so I had to have USB headphones handy as a backup. I no longer need to carry the USB headset around with the Opns. I haven’t used it once since I got them.

The Opns are not perfect, but for my purposes, they are far less imperfect than the Marvels. For me, the Marvels were unusable. The connect clip is a very small price to pay for something that works. I’d hardly call it “obsolete tech”.


I don’t know if this will help you, but when I want to unpair from my phone to connect to my laptop I “forget” them using the phonak app, but I also go under Bluetooth settings on my phone and unpair them–they show up as two devices with a bunch of numbers. It might be different with my phone.


also, when changing from phone to laptop or back again, I restart both hearing aids–that’s what my audiologist did in the office when he set them up the first time.


Of course because the Marvels were unusable for you doesn’t mean that they are unusable for everyone.

I’m not required to use Skype and I don’t require quick movement between Bluetooth devices. I use my Marvels with my Android Pixel 3 XL phone. I’ve changed my Bluetooth connection a few times to one of my Windows 10 computers to see if it can be done. It takes a minute or two to do and it isn’t the instant change you require. None of my Microsoft Windows 10 computers required rebooting to make the change. For my use case I would seldom if ever want to change my phone connection to one of my computers anyway, I leave my connection with my phone.

I chose the Marvels because I wanted a direct connection to my Android phone and I didn’t want to be tied down to having to wear a connect clip. I’m an Android and Microsoft user and definitely will never change to an Apple platform.

As far as reliability, I’ve had my Marvels for over two months now and my Bluetooth connection to my Android Pixel 3 XL phone has been absolutely rock solid.

The bottom line for me is that the Marvels have been the solution I wanted and I’m quite pleased. I’m not alone in my choice.


Something that I have been thinking about this has to do with almost everything in life. We all have brands, and devices that we like the most and some are so in love with them that they are blind to the fact that other have different choses. But my take on it is this what ever works for me and for you is great. I may like brand X and your brand Z, big deal we both need to respect the other person’s decisions, and like and dislikes. This goes for phones, hearing aids, cars, trucks, etc.
Why should it bother me or why should it bother you if we like different things? I am preaching to myself here by saying why should we get drawn into an argument over who is using the right or wrong brands, devices, cars, etc. It should be left with this what works for me is what I use only because it works for me. What works for you is because it works for you and you and I should be happy for the other person.
Also we all have had bad experiences with things in life, that should not mean because I or you had a bad experience with something we should condemn someone else that is having a good experience with the same thing. Your standards and my standards are more than likely very different.
It boils down to this we as a human race have to stop being negative and become positive about life. Life is what we make of it.


spot on! people like confirmation from others for own choices. We human feel better if others acknowledge us on our choices. It masks our uncertainty…

For me I like to investigate the possibilities on the models and brands, and like to learn from other experiences, have really no preference at the moment as my HA’s are very obsolete now (5years) and need to buy new ones…Afterwards I will try to influence everyone on the best choice I made :wink:


My marvels have a single tone if I go up or down in volume via the HA toggle. When I go back it is a double tone at the neutral (midpoint) setting.


Since I’m a died-in-the-wool Android user and I didn’t want to have to wear an intermediate device around my neck, the only game in town was the Marvel! :sunglasses:


Well I’m a committed Apple user for all my electronics (iPhone 7Plus; MacBook Pro; iPad) but I did extensive research prior to buying my first hearing aids and the Marvels came out on top. I wanted good performance in noisy conditions; lithium battery rechargeable; hands free calling into both ears; stereo music streaming when I’m working out; and of course improved hearing overall.


I checked that out; mine do that too–hadn’t noticed it before.