Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



I tried to get my TV Connector to work in this manner at my office so I could use it with my desk phone. I know the TV Connector doesn’t have input, so I got a headphone splitter for my desk phone to send the output to the TV Connector and the input to a desktop microphone. I was able to make it work, but there was tons of buzzing and interference in the line, and it was difficult to work with the balance between the microphone and the audio output. I was hoping to have a channel selector setup that would allow me to send audio from my PC and my phone to the TV connector and then keep my mobile phone paired with the Marvels via Bluetooth. I’ll keep fussing with it, but I kind of ran out of steam messing with it and haven’t gotten back to it lately. Likely I’ll just wait until the Roger Pen is supported which will hopefully meet my needs in this area.


I got this version mainly for the battery life, not the telecoil, but I’m still thinking about looping my theater at my home. The Marvels can only be paired with 2 TV Connectors, so looping would be another way to get this functionality without taking one of those positions.

The size of this 13T is crazy small and barely larger than the M90R I was using. There is no way you’d notice unless you have them right next to each other.


Oticon OPN made a MASSIVE deal of their hearing aids ability to hear in noise.

They make claims (unsubstantiated) that in noise situations you will be able to hear as well as a normal person.

NOBODY came on this site and said that Oticon had dropped the ball. Yet there are (enough) posts to show that for certain losses (asymmetric and severe) that these claims are a POS (to use your term).

This is WAY more important that being able to pair to multiple devices, but is anybody going to bring up a class action suit?

I’m sorry - but I can see your beef, but on the other hand, these claims have been made all the time by ALL hearing aid companies over the past 15 years or more and your situation is unfortunately one of many where there is a discrepancy between the claims made and the reality of wearing these devices.



A smaller SWORD chip/ Radio.


It really worries me to hear the Marvels does not support multipoint pairing. It is also not wise they do not support the MFI program. In this matter Resound and Oticon does a better job.

For me I need to select the next gen HA’s and I need to figure out to get the best solution either for normal use and to corporate with phone and other streaming devices.

The market is developing and mid 2019 the ‘made for android’ program kicks in, Resound already announced to join, and I am sure others will follow.

I hear so much positive news about the Marvels, how can it be they so poorly implement the bluetooth specs that includes multipoint pairing and they lack to join MFI…

read the article on: Made For Android Hearing Aids, The Types & The Brands


For my personal needs, connecting to my phone & using the TV module is all I require.

But, I do wonder if it’s a case whether the Marvel’s HA’s don’t support mulitport pairing or if their firmware / app just needs updating. I wouldn’t surprised if they release several updates to the firmware or app update in the coming months to address this.



It would be nice. I mainly wanted to connect with my phone and it does that quite well for me so far. I might connect to my laptop more often if it weren’t so involved. But, overriding all the Bluetooth technology–I’m grateful that they help me to hear better.


I am a new user, but I trialed opn 1, Resound Quattro, and the Marvels. I would not badmouth any of them. The Resound app was the best, but for connectivity, both of the mfi aids had infrequent, but occasional dropouts and switching one side to the other. I think that is not uncommon. I have had the Marvels for only a few weeks, but if I am in range, they are rock solid. I connect to my iPhone XS Max, my iPad, my tv, even my Apple Watch. When using the watch when out walking, it helps to have the watch and the connected aid on the same side of my body. If I follow the correct sequence of forget, then pair, I can easily switch to a new device in under a minute. A pia, yes, but doable. Since my more active years are behind me, 80 in a few months, my HA use consists more of music and podcasts than almost anything else. Thus I love my Marvels.


In my Marvels M90-13T for an hour right now. So far the music is incredible. First phone call was going in and out Bluetooth wise as I was moving through different rooms. :confused:


Where was the phone? I am a ham radio operator, and have some understanding of rf. The size of the antenna, and the rf power, has to be micro sized. At 2.4ghz and the extremely low power, even going through the human body is difficult, not to mention drywall, wiring and all of the 2.4ghz interference in most homes these days. What do they say 25 ft. or so? But not through solid material of varying density.


It was in my R pant pocket.


I have no problem using my iPhone that way. Which HR is the designated radio. Try left pocket.


Which HA (hearing aid)


Right aid is BT aid.


Apparently the default side is the right hearing aid. This can be changed in the software to suit.


I have had mine set both ways. I used the left to match my watch side, but because I have severe high freq. loss on the left side, the battery drain became excessive, so I move back to the right to balance drain. Move my watch to the right arm when out for a walk. Never had drops with my phone though.


Could it be the cell signal, and not the Bluetooth?


I would think that the only way that should happen is if you don’t have your phone on your person and you leave it in another room or your phone doesn’t have a solid cell tower or WiFi connection. I say that because after two months of using my M90-R the phone calls so far have been absolutely flawless. I have excellent WiFi and cell tower connections.

And I agree, streaming music really is incredible. I returned my Sony WH1000XM3 $350 wireless bluetooth noise canceling headset because my Marvels were significantly better!


That could be. What I generally listen to is downloaded to my phone rather than streaming from internet.