Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



So with the Phonak TV connector you just buy the little black disk/install but don’t have to wear a connecting loop around your neck? So the stream from the TV goes directly to hearing aids not using bluetooth - is that correct? And if so then if you have your Phonak Marvel paired to your cell phone, you will still be able to stream through TV connector without unpairing the Phonak Marvel cell phone connection.

So the big plus I guess is you can watch TV, still have your HA’s connected to phone and not have to worry about any pairing on or off. Anyone know how much the Phonak TV connector cost since I’m seeing some BIG numbers on google.


Yes, that’s right, youbgone…


Well one less thing to pair is some what a plus but “my god” some of these Phonak accessories are expensive. RogerPen which does not interest me goes for $700 plus I believe the Phonak TV connector goes for $300. Add another device and you’ve almost paid for another HA by itself. YIKES


Kate and I were both fitted with Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R’s on Dec 26th. We are thinking about getting the Phonak TV Connector. Will the TV Connector work with two Marvels at the same time? If it does, will it also support individual volume control?


Yes to both questions.


Hi dbmtx

I’m due to get the updated firmware next week and have the same phone as you.

What is your experience like with the update?


I received the update yesterday as part of my 1st follow-up.

Note that I’m an android user. But I haven’t noticed any difference or improvement in Bluetooth connectivity. It’s still intermittent at times for me outdoors while walking on nature trails with my phone in my right front pant pocket.


Is it possible that, since the intermittent problem happens when you are out walking on nature trails, that the problem is actually your phone’s cellular connection rather than the Bluetooth connection between the HA and your phone?


I’m using Bluetooth to send music from the SD card on my phone to the HA’s. I’m not streaming music via the internet, So my guess is that cellular connectivity shouldn’t come into play, but anything is certainly possible.

Thanks for the thought, I’ll do a closer examination of cell strength when it happens again.



Wasn’t there a post about some Signia research that claimed (without mentioning the Marvels) that they had problems outside? I think it was with the NFC between ears? I think the claim was that inside, the signals could bounce off of walls since they couldn’t go through your head, but outside there wasn’t enough reflectivity? Could have this all wrong, but I am remembering something like this. If you can’t find it, let me know and I should be able to.


I think you’re thinking of this


Anyone with actual experience on this? @GR8Dane?


I agree there can be a problem outdoors without walls etc to bounce off. Depends a bit where the phone is in relation to which hearing aid it is transmitting to. With the Marvels, the right ear is the default, but this can be changed to the left me in the programming, if you keep your phone in a left hand pocket, for example. You may find this helps! Also, try putting your phone upside down.


A TV connector is a hardware device, a box with input cable connections such as RCA cables or TOSLINK optical cable, AND, is has a wireless output capability, namely Bluetooth Wireless. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol used by The TV connector and also by your hearing aids to send/receive the audio signal wirelessly.


I just wonder whether the sound quality is also different with the TV connector vs Bluetooth

Sound quality Phonak TV connector vs Bluetooth

Started a new thread for this discussion;
Sound quality TV connector vs Bluetooth.


You mentioned that the latest software is at 6.0.2. What version is the latest firmware or is it identified with the software number?


I just got my M-13T Marvels from my Audiologist this morning and turned in my trial editions. Anyone else have these yet? They were just released on Monday. I’m looking forward to trying them out. I’ll be out racing this weekend, so I’ll check-in with an update when I can.


Interested in how the telecoil works, Have been trialling the M90R and generally very pleased!


Hoping to get mine next week and will be using a Roger MyLink telecoil (and 4 Roger pens) with the M90-13T. I’ll be using the telecoil near daily so I will be putting it to the test!