Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Please nobody can help me? i have to decide in few weeks


I think best is to check with Phonak directly


Thank GSL for your answer but i already contact phonak facebook but nobody help to me; the audiologist where i try the marvel hearng aid cant help me; i thimk he just want sell to me a couple of marvel m90 r altough the right ear is very weak; infact at the moment i use only on the left ear; the marvel is not cheap but i want buy it if i’m sure that one day will became compatible with bi cros br phonak like the old audeo


@gaiottorenzo I also had to attempt a few times until they finally replied. Facebook worked the best (in my case). Try the contacts through the website.


Sono un inglese abitando in Italia da 14 anni. Ho provato qualche apparecchi acustici di Amplifon. Vanno bene ma erano troppo costosi. In Inghilterra si può comprare lo stesso modello a meno metà costo. Quindi in marzo vado in Inghilterra a provare due Phonak Audeo Marvel 90 ricaricabile a prezzo di £2,650 (€3.045). Dopo l’iniziale visita l’audiologia può fare apportare modifiche usando l’app myPhonak in tal modo evitando visite seguenti attraverso la Manica.


Translation: I am an Englishman living in Italy for 14 years. I tried some hearing aids from Amplifon. They are fine but they were too expensive. In England you can buy the same model at less than half cost. So in March I go to England to try two Phonak Audeo Marvel 90 rechargeable at the price of £2.650 (€3,045). After the initial visit audiology can make changes using the Myphonak app thus avoiding following visits across the channel.


They are defective, as near as I can tell… Return them for another pair!


From what I can tell and based on Phonak’s previous devices, I wouldn’t believe that one could use a firmware update to transform a regular Marvel device into a CROS device. I wouldn’t count on this option as you make your plans.


I’m a new hearing aid user as well, but for me I have a pair of Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids. For the most part , I am enjoying my new hearing aid experience however… I do get this warbling sound on certain sustained steady frequencies ( they tend to be relatively high frequencies ).

I first noticed this warbling sound, when I was trying to play my electric guitar. I had just gotten this amplifier a week or so earlier, and it was the first time I had tried to play since I had my hearing aids. Originally , I thought maybe my amp was actually distorting in some weird way that I never heard before, because my hearing wasn’t good. But later, I realized that if I whistle with my mouth, I can basically duplicate the same warbling noise… It’s rather annoying

Other then this odd warbling that occurs as described, I like the Phonak Marvel hearing aids a lot, so I certainly don’t really want to give them up. But, being modern , more or less new technology, I hadn’t expected this type of a issue.

It sounds like it’s not a uncommon issue for some people to experience. I just hope it can be resolved somehow relatively easily. I believe I have a second appointment with my Audiologist in a couple weeks, I don’t know if I should call before then, or just wait to talk with them about it when I see them.

But , anyway, I really would like to know exactly what I should tell them, or what I should reasonably expect.

If it’s really some sort of feedback prevention system, what happens if they turn it off? do other issues arise? Is there possibly a way to disable it only when I’m trying to listen to tones that cause it to happen?

Anyway, being a newbie to hearing aids, I hope I can figure out how best to deal with this issue.

Oticon OPN 1 Warble/Flutter Help/Noise Management

ciao! Io sono italiano :slight_smile:
Amplifon purtroppo è un po’ cara in tutto :frowning:
E anche io sto provando i Marvel da prima di Natale 2018…


I think I’m just using them hard. I think my power requirements may be a fair bit and I leave the audio/phone streaming enabled all day. I only stream for a few hours per day, but it takes a big toll on the battery life just having it connected. I can last a full day if I keep the audio/phone disconnected without a problem. I should get my 13Ts next week, and that will hopefully solve the problem.


I’m not an expert on this, but ideally try to get the frequency where it happens and then be able to re-create it during your next visit, (if you can wait that long). I guess you could always whistle too! I’ve had that before where there is some sound that the hearing aids try to do some adjustment with and it comes across crazy to my ear. Usually it’s a passing sound, but if you’ve got something consistent then you’ll want to get it adjusted.


I guess I should get a tone generator. However my sense is, that it’s not just a single frequency that’s doing it. Yet, if I had a tone generator , and played a series of tones, I could pretty easily figure out just how extensive the warbling sound is.

When I did a search for ‘warble’ , I got all kinds of threads about what seem like a similar issue, all with older models and/or other hearing aids. This is why I say I think it’s not actually a uncommon problem. It’s currently unclear if it’s a noise cancellation feature that’s likely the cause, or if it’s feedback control.

The odd thing, is it seems like the warbling will continue on for a few milliseconds after the real sound goes away. Not sure if this is as sign of something I read as being called ‘entrainment’, or what.

The warbling, sounds like the frequency is shifted , like when two guitar strings are out of tune and oscillating.


By the way… I have the Marvel 312, and the feature that makes me love these hearing aids the most, is the bluetooth feature(s). Having phone calls , directly going to my hearing aids, and being able to talk to the other person on the phone through them, is really wonderful. So, is streaming music… As a new hearing aid user, a person who for years knew I needed hearing aids, but just didn’t really have enough problems to want to have to wear them, I avoided them until just recently The bluetooh abilities, make a it actually really enjoyable to have them.

Battery life… well, I’m getting about three days. That’s with using Bluetooth roughly 8 to 12 hours out of a total of 36 hours or so of use. Not great, but I think I can live with that. Someday I’d like to figure out exactly how long I can get them to go without using any bluetooth, but so far, it’s too hard to resist using it, because it really is nice to use it.


Nah. I stream for 2-3 hours every day and have nearly half of a charge after 16 hours.


That’s good to know. Glad these are just the trials for now. It’ll be nice when I get the replaceable battery versions.


My phone is an Android Google Pixel 3 XL. What phone are you using?

When playing my piano, using the Phonak Remote App, I choose the “Music” option. My audiologist tells me that the “Music” option eliminates the high frequency shifting and doubling phenomena that is useful for speech recognition but can distort music.

Since I’m sitting so close to my piano, I also turn my HA volume rocker down two notches. It’s easy to turn back to normal because when you do you hear two beeps instead of one beep.

Using these two options, the overtone ringing and warbling is then totally mitigated for me. See if that makes a difference for you.


Today i Iphone to phonak in Swiss and the give me An answer after tomoroww. Probabile marvel is already compatibile with cros and don’t need firmware I hope


Wait. To make sure I understand this - Marvels can’t last a full day with an active BT streaming connection - not necessarily actual streaming, but just having it on in case I get a phone call or sporadically want to listen to music?


I have the Marvel M90-R rechargeable. I have an Android Google Pixel 3 XL phone.

I attach to my phone automatically every morning when I put my Marvels on. I stream my phone calls in both ears throughout the day. I also stream several hours of music a day in addition to leaving Bluetooth ON the entire day.

At the end of the day when I check my battery before putting my Marvels on the charger I will have 40 to 50% battery remaining.

In the two months I’ve had my rechargeable Marvels, I’ve always been able to use them a full day and I’ve never run out of battery.