Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Hm, that’s the first I’ve heard of that. Probably a repair.

Are you using the charger with the cord that came with it? Or with a different generic cord?


New issue, take HA’s out of the Charger Case Combi and the HA’s should auto start. Today removed the HA’s from the Combi case and put the HA’s on. Started the remote app and it said the HA’s were changing and to remove them from the charger (HA’s are on my ear’s). Pulled the right HA’s from my ear and the green light was on solid. Tried to power off with the button did not work (no red light, stayed solid green). Returned both HA’s to the charger for a couple of min’s. On removal the green light now started to blink as normal and auto started the HA’s. Now thinking about getting the Mini Charger Case… Any one using a mini charger case?


I’ve never had an issue with the Combi case.


Been using the cord that came with it. I think I heard a bit of a zap in that left aid on Saturday afternoon, well after it had been in the charger. Really seems like something shorted out. And since about one hour of it working early this afternoon, I’m now completely unable to get it to power up. Sigh.


Have had this update through:

With the next Phonak Target 6.0.2 release in February 2019 we are going to offer a second hands free phone option in the Bluetooth device settings. With this new solution the hearing care professional will have the option to switch the hands free phone option and with this the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR will have the full compatibility.

This function requires a new hearing aid firmware. All the hearing aids delivered end of February will have already the new firmware and for the hearing aids already in the market, a firmware update will be available in Phonak Target


Is this fix just for the mic issue with the iPhone models you listed? Any idea if this firmware update will support a smoother transition when disconnecting from one device (iPhone) and then connecting to an iPAD?


What does this even mean: “second hands free phone option” and “switch the hands free phone option”? As it stands, the verbiage is pretty meaningless.


I think this adds confusion to the conversation. Where did this update come from? If I reading this correctly, Phonak is now saying that they own the XS/XS Max bug? They have been adamant that it was an Apple issue. I’m asking my Audi to contact the Phonak rep in the Houston area for clarification.


I think it means you don’t have to hold the phone to your ear. That is, you can talk on the phone while it’s lying on the table, freeing up your hands for taking notes, or knitting, or something. Depending on the strength of the BT, which I don’t know, you might even be able to talk on a phone that’s in the kitchen while you’re in another room. The mic part of a normal phone is replaced by the receiver on your HA.


Interesting. It sounds like they have figured a way to work with the calls issue with iPhone XS but the Audi will have to select that in their software settings. There will be a setting for iPhones 9 and below and a separate choice for iPhone XS. That’s my guess


The updated information came from my audiologist today. I love the Marvel aids I have on trial but won’t buy them until the iPhone XS Max connectivity issue is resolved.

It is possible that the firmware update may fix some of the other issues that others on this forum have identified.

It seems good news and hopefully a resolution will be with us in a few weeks.


I too, LOVE my Audéo M-R90’s. And I do hope that either Phonak or Apple or together gets these fixes to us ASAP.


Here is the latest statement from Phonak on the iPhone XS/XS Max issue:

Marvel Phone Compatibility – great news for iPhone X users!

Hopefully, you and your patients have taken advantage of our new support site Here you’ll find information on phone compatibility as well as how-to videos on setup and FAQs. We have received some feedback from you on the iPhone X models, and our additional testing showed these phones to have intermittent Bluetooth® connectivity with many devices, including Marvel hearing aids.We have collaborated with Apple and have identified a solution to Apple’s connectivity issue via a firmware upgrade to our Marvel hearing aids. This firmware will be available in the new version of Target coming next month with the release of our Audéo™ M 312T and 13T models. So reassure iPhone X users that in just a few weeks they’ll be able to stream phone calls, music and more without issues!


ROTFLOL. The iPhone has intermittent bluetooth connectivity issues but we fixed their problem with our firmware upgrade. With the future upgrade we at Phonak have found a way, when the iPhone X series are having this issue, to connect to them via magic.


Bottom line - Phonak made some major mistakes either (not pre-testing Audeo M before marketing) or (ignoring connectivity issues intentionally). With Resound and Widex coming out with new HA’s in 2018 you have to wonder if Phonak rushed the Audeo M to market, without first getting all the “bugs” taken care of. Back in the old days when HA’s cost $500 to $1000 a mistake here or there might be allowable. But what the “F” with one HA now going for $2,500 and up - users don’t want to swallow manufacturer mistakes. Especially if they are intentional. The majority reviews of this board have been very good in detailing the pros and cons of Phonak HA’s. But no one likes to shell out $5000 plus for two hearing aids and then find out they don’t work as promised. Or worse yet - there is no near term solution to an unwanted problem. In any case due to Phonak’s sell first and deal with “defect problems” later I will be spending more time looking at Widex and Resound for my next hearing aid.


Is it possible that the Marvel was developed and sent to manufacturing before the latest Apple phone could be tested and found to be different thus requiring this Marvel software update? Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Marvel work with older Apple phones and the problem is with Apple’s newest phone? I wonder what is different with the newest iPhone that is causing problems? I’m no expert, just thinking out loud.

I’m glad that my Phonak Audeo Marvel M90 works just fine with my Android Google Pixel 3 XL.


You are correct. The original iPhone X and all previous models are fine, it is the latest iPhones that were released in Sept 2018 that are the issue.


Maybe this is related


My take is that none of this stuff (wireless two way communication) will ever be “rock solid.” If you think it’s going to be, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Heck, even cell phones which are pretty mature technology have lost connections. Expecting perfection from hearing aid wireless communication is a recipe for disappointment. Being pleased and somewhat surprised and amazed when it works will likely lead to more satisfaction.


Bluetooth communication between my last two Android Pixel phones has actually been “rock solid” as long as I was withing 30 feet of my phone. My Pixel phone connects reliably with two wireless headphones, three different cars, two wireless printers, two Android tablets, and 3 Windows 10 computers. And, of course, I connect reliably to my Phonak Audeo Marvel M90’s.

I realize that there can be Bluetooth interference problems from other devices like microwave ovens, wireless landline phones, anything operating on the same wavelength, but I’ve personally had no connectivity problems with my devices, even when I was recently in the hospital for two weeks.

As an aside, I haven’t used my wireless headsets since getting my Marvels, as the Marvels are actually better as they are adapted to my high frequency hearing loss! :slight_smile: