Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



I tried on the size 312 form factor and honestly, that thing is pretty damned tiny. Smaller than anything I used to fit when I was fitting aids 5 years ago. The rechargeables are supposedly a little bigger, and the size 13 bigger still.


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I do not think anyone who has been using aids with T-coil will be willing to give this up! Churches, theaters and other venues with hearing loops would be unusable! I live in Sun City Texas and we have been slowly getting all of our larger meeting rooms looped. Bluetooth would NOT replace T-coil. And I would be happy to have a slightly larger aid to include T-coil. Quit trying to make aids invisible if it inhibits useful features!!!
I am really excited by the idea of being able to go back to an Android phone with these aids, but not until they include T-coil.


And also if you happen to use an older landline phone, the type with big mouth and ear pieces, having t-coil would allow you to electromagnetically pick up the pure phone audio from electromagnet driving the phone speaker earpiece in your HA’s without hearing much room noise if your HA mics are turned down (and if your HA’s talk to each other) - from what little I know from what I’ve read.

BTW, we used to save such a classic Princess phone from AT&T in a closet. In power outages, which does not happen infrequently in Central Texas, we could plug in the phone in place of our cordless Panasonic setup, which dies during outages, and still have a working phone with the low amount of electricity transmitted through the phone line by the telco independently of the power company. Currently we have wireless (cellular) home line (Li-ion battery backup) and wireless cellular home security (lead acid backup), which prevents the bad guy scenario of cutting the phone lines, etc., -which according to our security alarm company would trigger an alert both at home and the central monitoring station, anyway, even with a classic landline phone setup. The original point was don’t dismiss old phones with telecoils - they can be useful in certain situations.


Wow, all this time I never realize this technology was readily available. I know about the phone, but not theaters, etc.

I did a quick look up of places. I was just in Disney World over the summer and it shows that they are fitted. Does that mean that I should have switched my aids to the telicoil and it would have automatically connected?


I haven’t found a local venue of any kind that is looped. Theaters around here, some of them, have an FM system. I also have not found a modern landline phone that will actually work with t-coil. You can loop your own rooms at home and that may be a benefit, but with Bluetooth becoming more prominent now, maybe it’s just easier to go that route.

Bluetooth transmitters are normally powered by USB connections and many of them have a battery. Those that don’t have a battery can be powered by phone battery rechargers, like Pocket Juice. This makes them very mobile and easy to use.


I “upgraded” to the “Direct B Series” w. BT about 6 months ago. I was ready to give them back because while voice quality on incoming was good - people I was speaking to – voice was unusable. Turns out a s/w upgrade had just come in and that did the job.

I had worn an over-the-ear BT headset for many years all day long. Kept wearing the BT when I got first Phonaks.

Most people would find my present HA unusable because I have to “reboot” them most days, several times a day. Reboot means disconnecting battery connection and then reconnecting. That “feature” affects both HA - but mostly the left (non-phone) HA. The batteries do last 6-7 days. Sometimes the battery will “give out” on a 5 min.+ phone call and I quickly switch to speaker on the phone. A reboot brings HA back to life. Other times I can talk for 10 -15 min. and phone HA doesn’t give out.


I read the new aid online and it says it will come out at the end of next month.


Your experience is the same as mine. No local looped facilities. I understand there are communities that are “well looped.” I think it makes sense to check out your community.


I always wondered what “getting looped” meant. Now I think I understand! :thinking:


Any hope for us with one-sided hearing? any proposed CROS options?


Ahh!- Just as I am getting close to a “yes” with my Costco trial Brio 3s (R10 version), Marvel looks like a huge step forward in terms of everyday connectivity convenience (I have both Apple and Android devices scattered around my house and person). I wonder how long we may have to wait for a Costco ready version to be made available. Does anyone recall how long the previous “Direct” took from general launch to being available in Costco?


On 10/16/18 Phonak announced their new premium Hearing Aid - the Audeo M-312 Marvel. I was in the middle of my trial period of the Audeo B90 312 and now look forward to an exchange to pick up the newer model. This newer model has a lot of features that I believe will be helpful. For me I look forward to:

  • Full B/T streaming of music, both ears telephone
  • TV Connector without the Comm Pilot II type device
  • Use of Roger type pick up mic next fall if I think I need
  • Auto Sense 3.0 (Not sure how this will work? Have not seen any technical articles describing the way this works. Can anyone help on this topic?)
  • Better beam forming of mic arrays (Again, not sure how this is done better with the Marvel. Help please?)

Also, just a temperature check - how many of my fellow hearing impaired’s are looking forward to trying out the new Marvel’s???




Yes from me! Maybe I’m a sucker for marketing material, but it all sounds rather exciting to me, Talk to text during a phone call - who’d have thought it!


Good catch WestEndBob! I forgot to mention that one, but look forward to see how that works and if the speed of the written text will keep up with the actual phone call! Good one!


since Binaural beamforming it will cut out uncorrelated voice as noise to form common beam.
this effect in only noisy place whre from both side different noise present. but still i dislike autosens that it will change program at own. HA wearer must have control on change of program himself and not by autosens os


It was about a year between general launch of “Direct” and it being available at Costco. That was surprising to many of us as Phonak has typically not released their latest product to Costco. In retrospect, knowing they had Marvel coming out was probably behind the “early” release. So my guess would be anywhere from 1-2 years, with it being dependent largely on how soon Phonak comes out with it’s next release. Estimating this stuff is like reading tea leaves however, so take my comments with the proverbial grain of salt.


Apparently they are using Google’s API services for transcription, so it should be fairly robust (as good as technology currently permits anyway).


This means the new phonak marvel are upgradeble like the Unitrons?:

Phonak Trial™ hearing aids
The new Trial hearing aids can be quickly set to the required performance level in order to suit your recommendation. Various
levels of technology in one Trial hearing aid provides you with many options for providing the hearing solution at the first
appointment or bridging the gap during repairs.


leaflet_btb_phonak_audeo_marvel_028-1905.pdf (1.9 MB)