Phonak iCom

Has anyone got the Phonak iCom? I have Phonak hearing aids and this looks like a really useful device. I found one here , its seems to be the cheapest…just wandering what you guys made of the device.

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

I have one and like it a lot. Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone as a cellphone, iPhone as an iPod audio, TV via BT, BT computer audio, and FM via MLx. Audio is both hearing aids automatically and in stereo or binaural depending on sound source. You can also connect it to your sound source via a long cord as well.

I just wish the lanyard that is worn around my neck was a bit longer so I could wear it and be in my shirt pocket.

I have a Phonak Naida aswell, Kretsh do you know what the range is on this device, so I can leave it in the kitchin whilst doing the gardening or cleaning the car lol. £184 inc VAT and delivery is cheap… I’ve seen it elsewhere £195-210!

I saw it on ebay once for £150 but I don’t really trust them.

I think I need this, it’ll make thing’s soooo much easier - can you have more than one device connected so you can switch between them?

Don’t worry I found it in the User guide at that website.

It’s 10m or 30ft, I’m going to buy it from there. and according to some of the reviews on the forum it can only be paired with one device at a time, shame but ideal for hands free talking in the car.

It does work with a lot of Phonak hearing aids; Exelia, Versata, Certena, Naida (which I have - great hearing aid!), Audeo Yes, Nios Micro.

found some good stuff on this forum for it…

There seem to be a few issues with the Iphone I’m thinking of getting that soon, maybe for Christmas:D

I ordered it but as a package!! with the Voiis for £249.99 :D:D

check the deal out:

I figured we’ve just invested in a SONY KDL52W5500 52" 1080p LCD TV so I may aswell enjoy the both of them, wish me luck, hopefully it arrives on Monday now by free delivery, before the announced postal strikes over here on the 22nd.

Don’t forget to bring the icom to an audi to activate the call features. This will allow you to use the voice dial features of your cell phone. You should also have your audi adjust the bluetooth and mic volumes on your hearing aids to whatever comfort level you need to hear clearly.

thats a good point, i’ll get in contact with the audiologist who I go tthe Naida’s from. Thanks.

Note that the range is iCom to Blue-tooth device. The iCom itself must be around your neck for you to use it. I love mine and would not do without it.

oh right I get it…

Check herethey have a video of it in action with the iphone. Sound at
1 min 17.

I have the Voiis along with my iCom and your going to LOVE using it.

Just have a bit of patience after you have synced them with the Voiis - as it just takes a few seconds to connect to the iCom when you turn on the TV set. (I purchased a flat screen TV with an earphone jack just for ‘my’ TV room.)

Don’t forget to bring the icom to an audi to activate the call features. This will allow you to use the voice dial features of your cell phone. You should also have your audi adjust the bluetooth and mic volumes on your hearing aids to whatever comfort level you need to hear clearly.

I spoke to my audiologist, and he said that he’ll come and sort out the adjustsments for free as its covered under the aftercare you get when you buy the hearing aid, so anyone having any doubts about buying them from online or from a different hearing aid dispenser don’t worry about it.

His company doesn’t sell the pair together but bought seperately they are charging £268 and thats excluding delivery which is £2.95. This is the cheapest I have found in the UK for the pair (iCom and Voiis). Saving £20, I like it when i find a bargain.

Received my iCom and Voiis on Monday - fantastic! my audiologist came and tuned it up today, going to watch a film tonight and try it out properly.

Its excellent for phone calls whilst driving, I’m fully focussed on the road and most importantly its legal just like a bluetooth headset. Sound is very clear and the person I was talking to didn’t complain about and road noise or anythign. Very happy money well spent.

I’m going to recommend a friend who has a pair of oticons to get the streamer TBH I think if I was going to upgrade my hearing aids to a different brand I would take all these add ons into account when making the decision next time, they just make things less complicated and connect almost instananeously. maybe i’ll get a backup pair who knows…

Hey, that sounds really good. I ordered the iCom from keephearing today! shud arrive next week, I was a bit sneaky got it on trial from my audiologist who r charging a little more - tried it out for a few days and thought it was just what I needed. hehe

I was a bit sneaky got it on trial from my audiologist who r charging a little more - tried it out for a few days and thought it was just what I needed. hehe

So you stole some of the irreplaceable hours of your audiologist’s life - and then bought elsewhere to save a few dollars?

It seems that The Golden Rule is not in universal use.

It was a free trial and I took advantage of it, I didn’t steal anyones time. If anyone was in the wrong it was the dispenser for charging more and not price matching. They were trying to lure me in by giving me a free trial… I’ve seen so many companies selling accessories dirt cheap just to take advantage of the customer with their hearing aid business.

I’m a firm beliver of: The Consumer Is Always Right!

I found it cheaper i’m not gona pay more for something that would just be a waste of my money, theres too many audiologists out there who think they are in control using their hard selling tactics just because they had to drive out to see me - thats their job they get paid… I’m suffering from a hearing loss and they are trying to con me.

Wow, what a super response!

You justify your questionable actions whilst managing to insult the audiology profession all in one go.

Maybe such behaviour is justifiable in the US, but around here we can see it for what it is.

To use YOUR word: sneaky

I don’t know Jack, I am self employed and it seems sleazy to me. How was giving you a free trial trying to con you.

I’m from the UK (putting the blame on the US - shows how much unity there is in the audiology/dispensing business worldwide) I stand by my decision. I have a hearing disability, i’m not blind (although my eye sight isn’t that great)… if its cheaper elsewhere i’m not going to buy it at a higher price just so someone gets some commision, especially when they turn up in an 09 BMW 5-series. I’m sure you’ve probably price matched or searched around for a product before buying it or even gone and tried it out in the store.

I was stating my experience of buying cheap accessories and then having sales men/women calling me up all the time trying to get a hearing test or for me to buy a back-up pair of hearing aids - I wan’t insulting the industry. You probably justify those actions because thats the way you do business. As a hearing aid user I don’t appreciate it. I bet you love it when you get cold calls.

I am self employed aswell Shan and times are tough during this recession, if I can save some cash, then I am going to take that opportunity. I would have got it from them but they weren’t willing to budge on the price and I showed them the offer I went for. I am grateful for the free trial.

I am a cost conscious shopper, however there a limitations to proper behavior when trying and buying.

If I may, I believe Jack was attempting to demonstrate his shrewd shopping abilities and miss-spoke by using the word “sneaky”.

As for Audiology, Audiologist and Hearing Aid manufacturers is another matter all together and is a unique experience for each encounter

From my own experience (or inexperience) Put my trust in my Audiologist and was sent down, in my humble opinion, the primrose path, in my initial interview, after the audiology test and hearing aids were recommended, I specifically inquired about HA with blue tooth, the Audi response was there are no blue tooth units available at this time, I took her at her word and we ordered Starkey S Series 5 (which had been problematic), a few weeks after wearing these units I was on-line looking for Batteries (cheap on e-bay) I ran across the Siemens Pure that were not only Blue tooth but seemed to have a lot more refined technology and were rechargeable. (I m a bit of Tree Hugger)

I called my Audi and inquired about the Siemens and the cost to “upgrade/change” I was informed my trial period was over with the Starkey and would have to purchase the Siemens at a cost of $6000.00 (found on-line $2900.00), I had just laid out $2600.00 for the Starkey’s, but because of the issue I was having with the Starkey’s she would provide me a Starkey upgrade for $1000.00 and replace both units. I declined and requested she just replace the dysfunctional Starkey’s with the same model. I asked if I purchased on-line would she setup and adjust, her response was a flat no, I could not hold that against her.:eek:

The new set work far better than the original set, but I feel I burned myself by not properly researching before trying or buying.:frowning:

For me there is also a feeling not having any control over my condition, every adjustment and each time I need wax filter etc… I must go to my Audi.:mad:

So the moral of the story, it is okay to Try and not buy, keep in mind you do not just buy hardware from your Audi your buying a service, Experience, education and in some cases long term services, sure you can buy cheaper on-line but that on-line seller is not going be working with you to get adjustments just right and every $100.00 spent at a local retailer approximately $45.00 will come back to your local economy.

Are hearing aid prices outrageously/artificially high, YES. But this is a niche market and the buyers of hearing devices are not purchasing because it is fashionable it is done out of necessity and with that necessity comes a higher price tag.

In general I also take the attitude of grouping dispensers together, and see them as being part of the industry.
Individually as small business owners it doesn’t seem as reasonable or deserving to, with intent, work someone.