Phonak ICOM problems and questions


I have the ICOM and when I use it w/ my cellphone I can hear the person on the other end but they cannot hear me very well. The microphone seems not to pick up my voice very well and the person on the other end complains that there is too much background noise. Any suggestions?

What I think may solve my problem would be connecting a lapel microphone into the ICOM audio jack in parallel w/ the bluetooth feature. Would this work?



I posed a similar question a few days ago and was told that this is generally possible because the bluetooth devices don’t always play well with eachother.

Try changing your cell phone and check it out. I’m currently on a loaner Sony Ericsson and it seems better. Nokia (a low end feature phone - 2600) gave me lots of muffled sound on bluetooth.


I have my ICOM linked with a Blackberry Curve and it works perfectly. I wear the ICOM under my shirt and people tell me that they hear me just fine. I agree with the previous poster. Try a different phone.

I spoke w/ my audiologist and she said you cannot use a lapel microphone to help make your voice sound better because bluetooth mode has priority.

Besides which the audio jack is an output jack, not an input one.

It IS the phone, not the iCom. I loved my LG VX8600 … except it sometimes was a bit flaky on voice commands via the Blue-tooth. I changed to a Motorola Barrage, and the phone works perfectly with the iCom via Blue-tooth. I’m told that I sound like I’m on a normal phone, not in a tin box, and I can hear as clear as a bell in both of my ears. And the voice commands are virtually error free. I am not a Motorola fan by any means … but their Blue-tooth support/performance is about the best there is.

When I first started using cell phones, a ways into their lifetime even, I had a Motorola StarTAC, I think it was called … and that sucker couldn’t hold a call for anything. I tried LG and fell in love with their performance … but in later years, they dropped the ball on Blue-tooth. I do not like other Motorla products either … such as their cable DVR’s which have 1/2 of the features disabled. But their later year cell phones can’t be beat for Blue-tooth … and they even hold a call real good now.

I use the iCom with an iPhone and with a Jabra device for a standard phone (sorry can’t remember the Jabra device name off the top of my head).
The performance is incredibly variable. Sometimes people say they can hear me fine, other times they miss every third word.
When on the Jabra device, if I turn up the volume, it is better, but then the microphones pick up movements of my shirt if I move slightly while talking.
When on the iPhone, somtimes people complain that I sound muffled, and can only hear half of what I say. Other times it is fine. I have no idea what makes the difference to the quality of the call, and it is immensely frustrating.
I had tried to simulate what you suggested by getting different bluetooth headset, and having the audio output of that connect to the audio input of the iCom - I tried it with an iTech Clip because they support two concurrent bluetooth connections (Bluetooth Multipoint). I was hoping that the audio output from the bluetooth device being fed to the audio input of the iCom would trigger the iCom into listening to the audio input - as it does for playing music - but for some reason it simply does not ‘hear’ the audio input, and as far as I know there is no way to switch it on manually.