Phonak ICOM has been fixed!

When I first purchased my Phonak hearing aids, I specifically did so because, with the ICOM extra gadget, they were supposed to work with my cell phone as a blue tooth headset and with my Ipod so I could also listen to music. That was a year ago and my first pass did not work at all well. The problem was that the devices used the default hearing program for the transfer of sound from cell phone and Ipod. They’ve fixed this and the ICOM solution has a program for audio devices hooked via a cable and blue tooth cell phone which is wireless. It works incredibly well.

I first thought that the Ipod should also work wirelessly via blue tooth, but because you cannot connect to two different blue tooth devices at the same time, the use of a cable for the music player and the use of bluetooth for the cellphone is a perfect solution. I can be listening to my Ipod and when a call comes in, the bluetooth cellphone programming will take control from the music player so one can answer the call. Sound quality is not as good as with a good headphone set like a Bose headphone, but it is not bad either. I’m extremely happy to have this all work now. I rarely find anything like this where I cannot find something to complain about. This time, they really did get it right. I’m very happy.

Glad to hear the good news!

I’ve been using the ICOM for almost a week now and am more impressed than ever. The button on the ICOM will cause the cellphone to be answered. AND, the button can be used to pause and start the Ipod as well. When a cellphone call comes in, a press of the button on the ICOM and the cellphone answers the call. The Ipod is switched off till the call is completed and then comes back on.

Very very VERY cool device.


Just in case there is some confusion… The hearing is one where there is high frequency loss and almost no problems below 1Khz. So, my standard hearing problem boosts the Hell out of the high frequency and does nothing at all with low frequencies. I use Open Fit which I love and hear lower frequencies without any assistance from the aids. The original problem was that the ICOM would use my standard hearing program and I thus got no low frequency sounds from my devices. The sound was AWFUL…

They created 2 totally new programs because the whole bandwidth has to be fed thru for this to really work with electronic devices. The programming is different for a cellphone vs a music player. In fact, I have the bass now slightly boosted. In the programming, they also boosted the mics on the aids!!! But, you can tweak that down as well which solved a drainpipe sound that I was getting when listening to my Ipod.

It is now PERFECT!!!

I’m not sure where you got the impression that you can’t have two different bluetooth devices active at the same time to the iCom. You certainly can and always have. They haven’t changed it. I have been doing that for over a year with my iCom. I’ve had my Samsung mp3 player streaming bluetooth audio, and when a call comes in on my phone, it interrupts the audio with the phone bluetooth connection. You probably mean you can’t have two active bluetooth connections of the same type, so you can’t have two active phone bluetooth connections or two active audio connections.

Possibly your problem was misunderstanding the capability of the ipod. The only iPod that supports bluetooth is the iPod touch (as well as the iPhone), and that was only enabled in June with the newest software release.