Phonak iCom and Skype

Has anyone been able to use the iCom successfully with Skype?

I have given up trying to use bluetooth and Windows 7 to connect with the iCom. It just doesn’t work successfully. I use a wired connection from my laptop to the jack on the iCom. That’s fine for receiving, but how can I transmit my voice through Skype?

Can the microphone in the iCom be used in any way other than by bluetooth?

If not then I will have to either shout into my laptop’s built-in microphone or else get a separate lapel mic.

Any ideas?


I was able to get this to work on my Laptop (Lenovo 5250). I had to enable blue-tooth in device manager, and then in Windows 7, Right click the sound icon in the bottom right, and select recording. Once that is done, i selected the bluetooth (icom) and set it as Default device. Then I went into Skype, configured the input/output devices to bluetooth device. I then tested with a co-worker. If you are still unable to get this working, let me know. I’ll set a time and I can show u via skype/remote desktop I did not use a wired connection, but to get this to work properly you need to first establish bluetooth connection to your laptop, then once it is registered in devices and printers, then set it in skype as the main audio output/input.

i3ddeweese, Until now I could not get the iCom to pair with the bluetooth in my laptop. It was recognised as a device but had a yellow “error” triangle.

I messed about with the installation and now I have it paired OK. From here on I can pick the bluetooth as default device and use it for Skype.


No problem, my pc still shows the yellow triangle, but it’s a false error, its missing a “driver” that has nothing to do with what is required to use iCom with pc, i believe it has something to do with the iCom not being a “mainstream” Bluetooth device.