Phonak iCom and Plantronics Voyager 500A issues

So I was finally able to acquire a Plantronics Voyager 500A from work to use my iCom with my desk phone. However, I’ve had some issues. Sometimes sporadically, the speaker and microphone go dead, but the call stays active. I have the headset lifter which does not actually hang up the call, so I’m able to pick up the handset manually then hang up the Bluetooth by pressing the button on either the iCom or Voyager. I cannot determine if it’s the iCom or Voyager that is causing the problem. It is quite annoying since it took eight months of wrangling with my employer to get the device which I thought would be a godsend allowing me to use a deskphone. The telecoil option isn’t preferable due to the amount of static and my poor word comprehension w/o lipreading.

Has anyone using these two devices together had similar issues, and if so, was there a fix?

I am having a similar issue…I can answer call fine, but about 20 seconds into the call…silence! I can’t hear the caller not sure if they can hear me…its like the call is dropped. Im not sure if the call actually disconnects. The lifter doesnt hang up. I will make some calls to home and try to figure out what is actually happening.
It could be the icom.

I’m having the same problem too. One thing I noticed is that I hear a little gingle and then I can’t hear the caller. I have to call back 3 or 4 times just to get the information I need from the caller. I’ve also been sitting at my desk when all of a sudden my handset lifts and I heard a dialtone. I almost thought we had a goast in the office! I’m frustrated as phone guys and audiol have no idea why? Any thought?

It could be some kind of incompatibility but you could test the 500A with a generic bluetooth headset and see if the same thing happens (not a Plantronics model). That would at least give you an idea.

Same problem here.

I tested another Bluetooth device (portable earphones) with my Plantronics 500A base.
It paired and works without the <1min disconnect.

I tested another Bluetooth device (HTC cell phone) with the iCom.
It paired and worked without the <1min disconnect.

It’s only the iCom <—> Plantronics 500A base combination that’s exhibiting the <1min disconnect.