Phonak ICom and iPhone 4 problems

Got new Phonak aids, TVLink and an ICom. Pretty satisfied for the first week, then problems.

My landline bluetooth phone still works fine, as does my TVLink, but suddenly my iPhone 4 volume went very, very quiet, both on phone and iPod functions.

Paired with my wife’s iPhone 4 and seemed to work OK (more trials needed when she will lend it to me again).

Re-paired with my iPhone and it worked for ten minutes. Then the iPod function dropped out completely, didn’t seem to see the bluetooth connection at all (no option to switch to iCom), but the bluetooth settings page said I still had a connection. The phone function though still works with the iCom as it should. Re-paired it again, same results (without the initial ten minutes).

Is this a common problem, or do I have a faulty iPhone?

Sorry if this is a newbie question, but skimmed through the other thread headers and don’t see anything similar.

I purchased Phonak hearing Aids, iCom and TV Link in January 2011. I linked them to my iPhone 4 and they worked excellently. However, about a week ago, Apple pushed an updated version of their software - 5.1 - through Verizon and my bluetooth connection has not worked properly since then. I replaced the iPhone with a new one - same results. I am now trying to contact Phonak support.

It is a nightmare trying to get this corrected while working with three different entities - Phonak, Verizon and Apple.

I had the same problem with iPhone 5.1 IOS when paired with a regular Plantronics headset. It would go unstable after a few minutes OR not pair at all. I did a hard reset on the iPhone, not a re-install but a hard reset and it’s working fine. I thought that it may have been the ComPilot that I use, but when the Plantronics headset did the same thing, I knew it was something going on with the iPhone. Good Luck with it! Tom